Thursday, July 31, 2003

and there you go

with or without you...And i still haven't found what I'm looking for.   The Cat was good enuf to

take Hane to the Doc; only fambly would know

what that means.  But aren't we=all just one great big fambly in the brave new werld??

   Meanwhile and irregardless,  i didn't claim to

be a good artist--just an artist.  Or even a

Revolutionary poet like Astinerzo Rinunzo.

Who sits at home and does computre by black

light?  Not me.  I have enuf trouble editing and

deleting unwanted 'tunafish' (that's the new term for spam since the lawsuit).  Always

punctuate!  It makes for a happy page.  And i

usually type faster than this(?).  Oops i switched

from U2 to Led=Zep on Musicmatch.  Is that a

product endorsement or what.    Where the heck was i?  These headfones are old and painful; i bot them at Hess Brothers.  And

also: nine other people from myself have read

this tripe (Stairway2Heaven).  Imagine what i

may find tomorro just after Dark Shadows.  Can

anyone tell i am a child of the 60's? And there you go.  [one could forward this page to Kurt

Vonnegut and He would be baffled.]  Whatever

doesn't kill you isn't werth going thru (Goethe).

    And that isn't exactly happy poetry.

Got to listen to The Levee, folks....       aslac

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floralilia said...

you are the brilliant one.. oh slacmaster..


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