Saturday, January 1, 2005


Happy New Year to us All.


The hospital, like the Werld is

quiet...Recovering from last night's

party. My brother, the lieutenant

Colonel [ret. USMC] flew back

early this morning to his native

beloved Left Coast. He's only a

cell=fone away. Maisie [my sister]

and her husband took me and the

Engineer [my baby brother] out to

Lunch. Hane's baby sister joined us

and the meal was memorable.

Hane's sister is a Nurse...and much

the more. She is my back=stop,

Agent, Deputy, surrogate mother

and about a million othre good

things i find hard to describe.

We are extremely and profoundly

happy that she came to counsel us.

Rose Mary is, simply, a Blessing.

And the best friend any struggling

Matriarch could have, blood or no

blood. If i loved her any=more i

would burst at the seams. And

she makes Hane est as

much of laughter as the Matriarch

is capable of expressing. Beauty.


Everyone asks after me...How i am.

Hell! I'm in a sheet=box of my own

construction! A Man who loves his

Fambly too long & too well might

come to a bad middle. Bullsheet.

The love of their concern and my

Action OR inaction burnish my

humane resolve. Over time i have

become fearless of a great many

things. But it is hard to discern becos

i hold the secrets i know close within

my fierce Nature. And i passel them

out in fair and appropriate Measures.

Mine is not the common coin of

stress/distress OR panic & worry.

I accomplish the necessary and

prove the great proceeding miracles

by calling on their eminent chance

and possibility. Faith! I can be a

stern survivor of much...but the trick

is to make it look effortless. Who

else needs such an advocate? I'll be

taking applications within the Year.

Well! Enough about me!

Hane is doing her thing Admirably.

Many of us would pray to proceed

as well under like conditions.

And there it is. A Mother's Love is

endless & Perfect---She teaches us

everything in turn and in time.

No wondre the Christ took time out

of His crucifixion to console the

mothers of Israel. And yet~that

Saving baby is not yet Anointed.


Rocky is Hane's favourite Grand.

And grand=nephew Noah spoke the

much at me last night by fone.

And those things which are not yet

Perfect are approaching that state

in their own sweet moment.

prospero nuevo anno...




slacbacmac said...

Who is weepy & sappy in spite of Him=self?
Not me!  it comes Natural

karynwiththewhy said...

I find your entries quite beautiful, sometimes confusing, always perplexing. Sorry I missed your year-end reviews and am just now getting back here in '05.

But glad to be here. Glad you are here. Stay Slacky.

~ Karyn

musenla said...

Rose Mary, bless her sweet soul.  What a rock to lean on for you all.  

And you, my dear Slac, in your quiet way, has been a fortress of strength too, I'm sure.  Hang in there.  He who knows all, knows your heart and He is listening.

deabvt said...

Rose Mary, if only I had one in me pocket.
...the trick is to make it look effortless...   absolutely.
What a heart you gotslacster.
{{{ Hugs }}}

slacbacmac said...

Agreement of Rose Mary>>
they are quite the combination...
[deep comment:] But Wait!
unkadanny is coming 2 set us all straight^


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