Tuesday, January 25, 2005


In Advance of all=else,

And proceeding as an Executioner

OR personal representatif of all

things both deliberate and well

considered by both Time and

Circumstance, i posit the following


teaser = good morning!

*Advocate = bon matin

teaser = cold enough there?

*Advocate = yes, very much so

teaser = here too!

*Advocate = but you're going to the islands

teaser = []

teaser = short trip

*Advocate = still...warm there

teaser = ahhh....yesss

*Advocate = the californians are winging west

teaser = good visit?

*Advocate = yes--entertained Ann much last night

teaser = hee hee

teaser = lots of beer again?

*Advocate = just a couple

teaser = she was a hurting puppy Saturday night

*Advocate = she looked good @ 530 this morning?!!

teaser = YOU saw her at that hour?????

*Advocate = sure---the three of them were trundling off

teaser = wow! must be time for a nap for you!!!

*Advocate = for a 10 o'clock flight

*Advocate = went back to bed and slept like a top

teaser = ahhhh

teaser = I talked to Engineer on interWeb

teaser = said he's coming over to Haus later

*Advocate = that's right

teaser = have fun!

*Advocate = thanks, will do!

teaser = ok---gotta go pack

*Advocate = lata

teaser= bye

teaser signed off

IMP edited for congruence^ Slac


i might be forgiven for doing all the right things

in the correct ordre, BUT i could also be scorned

and discarded 4 losing a single piece of Paper.

{which won't happen as long as i breathe}

There is not so much so in all the Werld that

we cannot attain Perfection by degrees^

Such & Then, i know my place.

My Deputy, the Engineer, is fully cognizant of

my Bright Intentions...And is a Grand Advisor

of the Path. PLUS+, He drives the good when

slush is all about! And attends my every

positif Action~~such a Brother all should have!

* *

And where is MUMSY?

it pondres me much when i need her most...

Twas only Recently Thus~~

the ADVOCATE who would be Slack.

OR some=thing like it^



dignwigglwildcat said...

I've been wondering about Mumsy myself. I assumed Journal Overload, lawd knows she shor was doing a-plenty.

Interesting chat above. You know you scare one from wanting to IMP ya, don't ya. Would hate to get published unwittingly.

~ Karyn

cneinhorn said...

wonderful art you display today

cneinhorn said...

hmm, interesting IM indeed!

You know Slac, I've been wondering about Mummsy myself...I hope she is well, I miss her :-(


slacbacmac said...

No Worries~i edit the IMPs before i publish,
if i publish them at all...

musenla said...

I miss Mumsy as well, sigh.  I hope she's good and happy.

deabvt said...

Great Pic, slacster...I also ponder haikulike.


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