Sunday, January 9, 2005


soft food & a regular room...


the docs & nurses wanna kick

Hane loose becos she is

coming around and refusing

to be treated like an invalid.

[or a pin cushion, or a consumer

of too much rat=poison.] And

Hey! If i had purple elbows &

a Yellow Purse, i would also

desire to make changes toward

the restful status quo. Yet,

she needs to make still more

and better fysical recovery.

Eighty years of poking & prodding

are quite enuf, thank you^


irregardless of that, Maisie came

down again to crack the whip

with both the patient & the care focus our hearts and

minds on the continuing werk.

Such sisters i have! Lizard was

also brung down from beantown

to sleep in the guest=room &

administer to her namesake.

It was nice [for me] to have yet

anothre companion for which i

could cook my famous scrambled

eggs. And we walk the good

together toward the hospital.

Elemental memory!


Such is the road i travel, not by

hard choosing but becos my feet

naturally fall in front of each

other... G bless & protect all

those who are caught unawares

without stumbling there=on.

The eyes are bright and the

tongue is slaked with pureed

zucchini...even after a large &

malevolent Wave.


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slacbacmac said...

Who else among us has a certain DNR?
Hane does...and it's her life^

cneinhorn said...

Monday morning greetings slac, hope all is well today...~JerseyGirl

floralilia said...

hey there batman -

checking in from the paycheque.

glad to see/hear of the progress.

atta girl Hane!

sunflowerkat321 said...

So glad to hear that Hane continues to improve....and that support has arrived from Boston.

slacbacmac said...

Birthday Pudding!
Such a best & b'ful thing---someone is
Counting their Days off ICU...
Every moment is Precious^

karynwiththewhy said...

Glad she's putting up the good fight & is surrounded by what matters most

Your love and concern shows and I am glad it is paying off!!

Mucho adorata,  Karyn

slacbacmac said...

Adorata your=self, Kay~i'm gonna use that
in future!  We Love 2 accomplish Good things
becos...hey, What else is there?
ministerial smooches from the Slack^

deabvt said...

soft food & a regular room...
Kind of sums up happiness.

musenla said...

Hane's feistiness only means she is mending quite well, hooray!

Ooh, scrambled eggs...It's past 1 a.m. and I'm getting hungry, oof.


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