Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Title: Enduratus


Mood: preoccupied

Weather: less than ideal

for drive=testing the Green

Ghost... schtuck!

Thot: "The trick to acting

well is to engage the Mind.

Forswear extraneous acts

until the thots are clear.

The true & correct Path will

make itself evident, if that

Mind is less cluttered than

the werld."


Wednesday, January 26...

OR~something like that...

My brother, the Engineer is

a blessing to me; i rely on

his sharp mind to tell me

things i have either forgotten

or not yet experienced as the

days come on. {i proddle

myself that this is his first

life without a Natural mother

as well} It is good, after so

long a time of being an

ADVOCATE, to have a person

who serves in same action.

Mutual trust! Of course,

that same affection adheres

to all my fambly who are

upholding me in my Times

of trial^^ Day by Day...


And an appreciatif Smooch

and hugs to All my Readers

and Commentators who

have rung in with both Love

and Empathy...i wouldn't be

here without your kind

Attentions. Your cloudy

Knight is only so far behind

the InterWeb becos reality

impends & intrudes on his

natural inclination to catch

the Adipose as it arrives.

{that's^ only potery if one

reads it as such...ask Vince,

or Flo, the Kat or Mumsy,

Viv, Hans, Muse, Kayy AND

even the Girl=Jersey}

I am joined by Glowers in my

partial Solitude; a thousand

good Angels will alight here

on this page...which there

WE'd have and thus travel,

joined in Confluence,

Perfect only as we come to

it, remembered 4 all=time!




floralilia said...

day by day slac -

we walk beside you -

lost me own mother at 28 - time has a way of healing so that memories, which now can be painful - return warm and comforting...

it always helped to imagine what Mom was up to that day - who is she meeting, what is she seeing...the journey continues..

karynwiththewhy said...

           YOU WERE MY 4,000!!


                  PRODDLE ON BACK ANYTIME




slacbacmac said...

Kayy> i knew this would happen,
some=day, to one of my gfs...
a Happy Happenstance 4 sure
[meanwhile, what's my True #?]

musenla said...

Slac, the journal knight, always gracious.  But of course we understand.  Your readers' journal doors are always open for when you are ready to drop by and visit once again.  =P

deabvt said...

Beautiful potery; endure!

cneinhorn said...

Slac I love that word "proddle" :-)

I lost my father at a young age...his mind left when I was 14 and his body
gave up the fight 20 years later...I hope to have a otherworldly dream visit
from him someday, but I like to think his mind/body are one again...

We'll see more of you when you are ready Slac...


slacbacmac said...

There is no "loss" that i can Discover.
Your Father & my Mother are shading our
steps, until All are met fully and Beatifully
in Time.  They Love their Journey; so
should we.


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