Thursday, January 6, 2005


Title: Toleration...

Mood: mildly encouraged and

cautiously optimistic

Noise: oxygen passing freely

among friends, neighbors and

newly arrived relatives

Observation: "You can only become

so ill of health that the consulting

Doctors make a sincere effort to send

you somewhere else..."


I prayed the other night that i would

Hear the dulcet tones of my own fair

Matriarch again. Be careful of what

you wish. What i got for my long and

arduous forbearance, was a raspy,

toothless admonition to:

"Shut up!" And then she went back to

the breathing work which is only and

entirely hers to do. Such a crusty old

bird who won't let any=one state the

obvious. Thank Heaven Uncle Danny

[her lesser brother] is there to mitigate

my culpable austerity. Or something

like that. {secret: Danny & Rose Mary

are to Hane as the Engineer & Kay are

to me~the STOPS of our pitiable Hearts

who tell us to,"Cut the Crap! And Get

over Your=self!"}

Meanwhile...Hospital food is really Good,

if you don't have to take it through a

Tube. Ask floralilia if you dasn't believe

the experience i have had of such things.

Also~do not walk against the light when

your favourite JEHOVAH'S WITNESS is

saying Hello. Morning Serendipity^

~the old man who attends fully realised

opulent women---slac



thelovetrain said...

"Crusty old, toothless, admonishing bird"... That's too damn funny. Good to read, my man.

All right, keep me up=dated.

~'B' hanging

cneinhorn said...

keep hoping for a journey of recovery Slac...


floralilia said...

all hail the matriarch hane! - who doth doeth amazing tings in her own tyme! 'twas ever thus, i suppose.

amazing hen - that one.  

continued thy incentive spirometer Miss Hane!...apparently there is more work to be done..

and devotionalslac - astute observations regarding the docs - but less astute observations regarding hospital food.

but then, hungry men eat anything....

slacbacmac said...

Truth~i don't miss the sound of that vent=assist
@ all, knock wood, cross fingers, spit on ground.
And the nurses love her, REALLY.
more tomorro    ~author~

louf48 said...

You know I told you people something a long time ago and it's just as pertinant today as it was then: Ladies and Gentlemen take my advice--pull down your pants and slide on the ice."

slacbacmac said...

an impertinent goof? Say not the much so!
AND how is it that we miss the ICE, barely?
Some=one is missing the Larger Picture^
tomorro i will do the puxxle=perfect...and
Hane will correct it.     ~author~

deabvt said...

crusty old bird is right...keep hangin` in there Hane...Prayers continually goin up the Northeast Extension.

musenla said...

That "shut up" must've been music to your ears, nonetheless.  Patience of a saint, dear Slac!  =P


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