Thursday, January 27, 2005


Go around & Come around,

you won't see the same things



If i eat anothre hoagie, i might

turn into one. Just saying.


Apparently, the Eagles are going

to meet the New England Pats.

If Nature holds, the Birds will

prevail...Only becos the BOSOX

have ended their ball=base jinx

most recently. Perhaps, but then

i don't follo such things too close.


Message 2 George Walker Bush:

leave my sociable security alone.

And pull out the Marines from the

Harm you & the othre Neo=Cons

have put them in. At the nearest

opportunity, providing fair Elections.

I am not alone in this, considering all

the catafalques i've seen.


id est, it is still possible to change the

Werld by leaving well enuf alone.

No=one wants to die, and there is no

true ending in it anyway. So, drop your

pistols & your bombs And think of a

better, more perfect way to Resolve

the Differences. Just saying^


It came to me of a sudden last Sunday

as a Voice from the Matriarch. She

knockt @ my door and said,"Hey, boo."

It was a sweet cajole to Awaken to my

necessary business the rise of Day.

{i have heard my Father the same way

in simple Dremes} There=after, both

Fear & Trouble ceased to have a hold

on the Advocate. Such a voice, so

resolutely set 2 my Endeavours!


There are no Bones nor Breath in me

to fight against natural intention.

All of us will come to Sweet agreement.


i am surrounded by flowers and recently

remembered friends~it is enuf.

And Heaven hold me to the Voices i

obey. slac


musenla said...

I'm clueless when it comes to football, so may the best team win, as lame as that sounds.

Yes, SS should be left alone, as there is no "crisis".  As much as I want our troops to come home after the Iraqi "elections", methinks it's just a pipe dream.   Already, official word avoids mention of elections as an end to anything...

Hey boo, awww.

floralilia said...

"It came to me of a sudden last Sunday

as a Voice from the Matriarch. She

knockt @ my door and said,"Hey, boo."

- well, there ya go.  She's up and walking around and having a grande ol time...even tho it's otherworldly...


karynetaylor said...

Strange as I had visit from my father in dreams last night, I remember marvelling at how blue his eyes are, he did have amazing eyes that particularly stood out amongst all his brown-eyed daughters!

Have a great weekend, Slac. I have to go to Tennessee....

~ Karyn

deabvt said...

Beautiful, slac...and such a handsome boy.

slacbacmac said...

{Watch out, Gang~He has a Scanner!}
And Ghosts & Angels Adhere to him!
but hey, it's just a thing...
[more tomorro]

thelovetrain said...

"leave my sociable security alone" >>>  In bold font too, I'm impressed.

It's about time that you griped a little, Slac. Your recent trend toward perpetual sentimental mushiness, had given me the urge to bitch-slap you. I was just about ready to shit-kick your journal over to the 'Walton housewives' curb. [:\]

Adorable 'goo-goo', you were. [:)]

~Love you & keep hanging, Train'inator

slacbacmac said...

Thanks Bri>  i do hate being sappy myself,
But Regard the material!  And the times.
Never watched the Waltons--too
"depressing".   *joke*

cneinhorn said...

slac you were a cute tot :-)  



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