Tuesday, January 18, 2005


i am engulfed by helpers and

Angels, neighbors & bright Prospects.

Hane & Mac are holding me fast to

their collectif purpose!

One of my girl=friends posited me

to Good Sleep thus:

[no catfights, please]

Flower=Sun ~ Is there anything you need?

Advocate ~ only love

Flower=Sun ~ You have that!!!

Advocate ~ i am surrounded

Flower=Sun ~ that's good to hear

Flower=Sun ~ Is there a lot of family there

with you now?

Advocate ~ just enuf & many coming forthwith

Advocate ~ [i am an Orphan]

Flower=Sun ~ she is always with you

Flower=Sun ~ but I know the loss hurts deep

Advocate ~ morethesonow!

Flower=Sun ~ I loved the photograph you posted

Advocate ~ she was most b'ful on that day

Flower=Sun ~ yes she was

Flower=Sun ~ she seemed delighted

Flower=Sun ~ very happy

Advocate ~ for some=one who took so much Oxygen,

she carried it well

Flower=Sun ~ my dad was on Oxygen for

quite a while as well

Advocate ~ each breath is precious

Flower=Sun ~ yes it is

Flower=Sun ~ she had many

Advocate ~ and more than i could give

Flower=Sun ~ why do you say that?

Advocate ~ i was her advocate

Flower=Sun ~ she would want you to have no regrets

Advocate ~ she was no burden 2 the last!

Flower=Sun ~ I know that

Flower=Sun ~ it is apparent in what you write

Advocate ~ [saving imp] and i travel

the Road which is presented

Flower=Sun ~ there's little choice in that matter

Flower=Sun ~ you travel well

Advocate ~ and will travel much

Flower=Sun ~ there's still a lot of road ahead

Flower=Sun ~ I'm glad that my road has

crossed yours...and runs parallel at this point

Advocate ~ mercy & beauty, you are also

an especial angel

Flower=Sun ~ now I'm blushing...

Flower=Sun ~ []

Flower=Sun ~ you are a wonderful soul

Advocate ~ imagine~we are only brot in brief

moments to such a same end~

Flower=Sun ~ yes we are

Advocate ~ and each goes to his/her own fair Dignity!!

Flower=Sun ~ all you say is touching

Advocate ~ i am glad that i found all of you,

when Hane was preparing to travel

Flower=Sun ~ well, I am here....if there's

anything I can possibly do, just let me know.

Flower=Sun ~ And I will plan to see you soon

Advocate ~ you are invited 2 the service

Flower=Sun ~ there was no attachement

....what are the particulars?

Advocate ~ i screwed that up--Friday, there will

be visiting @ funeral Home

Flower=Sun ~ time?

Advocate ~ from 7 PM to 830

Flower=Sun ~ is the service at that time?

Advocate ~ Saturday, a Mass of Xian Burial---11 AM

Flower=Sun ~ at what church?

Advocate ~ cherch

Flower=Sun ~ I will see what I can do....I don't know

what the family demands

Advocate ~ it's a Mitzvah~drop in if you may

Flower=Sun ~ I will certainly do my best

Flower=Sun ~ my spirit will be with you in any case

Advocate ~ and i love you for caring after me

in my slight but Poignant trial

Flower=Sun ~ I love you too.

Advocate ~ smooches, kat, i need a nap!

Flower=Sun ~ ok...I will see you later

Flower=Sun ~ rest well

Advocate ~ stay tuned~lata

Flower=Sun ~ bye bye

Advocate ~ ta

so much werk which finds me

cloaked in Beauty for the Trial.

I love you all in Spirit & in truth...

Appreciata/Adorata~the slac


thelovetrain said...

It comes back to you, precious man. That's the good thing about karma, when you're good at heart. [:)]

~Love you, 'B' (that doesn't mean we're going steady) [:P]





uscga1995 said...

Can't wait to see you on Friday!!!!  


p.s.  It wasn't me who capsized........it was your DAD!  How did I get to keep the name?

slacbacmac said...

Do you Remember the Scattering?
And how they Cap=Sized that boat too?
It's an honorific!        ~Author~

karynwiththewhy said...

Billy - I am thinking of you something fierce today, cuz I know what its like when the activities of sending a beloved upstairs have slowed, the quiet is the hardest part, that getting back to the routine when all you want to do is shout that your loved one has been taken away!! Yet everything else goes on in its pace and expects you to just catch up.  Cherish her long life and legacy and please impart many of stories to us, with pictures, we all know how beautiful Hane is.  

  ~ K

floralilia said...

we love you too slac -


deabvt said...

good for kat & you.
I`m so sorry, slac...It`s so hard.
For me, it`s been Mom, Dad and Sister.
{{{ Hugs & Love }}}

slacbacmac said...

Appreciata V, flo, Kayy...
She's got her werk cut out for her

sunflowerkat321 said...

This trial is not slight.  We all know it's inevitable...but we are never fully prepared.  With the love of your family and friends...it does get easier.  Hane was and always will be your advocate....it IS a mother's love.

{{{{{{HEARTFELT HUGS}}}}}}}

ckays1967 said...

All my love and prayers for your peace......

musenla said...

Sometimes I can be so slow.  Only on re-reading the caption of the previous photo did it dawn on me that the beloved Matriarch has gone home.  My deep sympathies to you and yours, dear Slac.  She's in a far better place than ours now.  May God be with her.

slacbacmac said...

Muse> forgifness 4 sure,
Hane steps lightly now and can be
followed easily by many...


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