Sunday, January 2, 2005


Mass is a good thing.


Hane has an up=day...

writing a blue streak on

her clip=board while

Rose Mary, Jim and i

minister to her. Not to

mention the nurses and

doctors who chart her

progress cumulatively.

She pulled four {4!} hours

on ambient oxygen/air.

Toni & Todd took time out

of their continuing miraculous

recoveries to visit---to me,

they look really, really Good.

Some=times long hard roads

kind of join each other.

Hane watched both the Mass

and the Rosary on EWTN.

{Rose Mary copped some Holy

Water from the cathedral real.}

Have i said recently that miracles

don't surprise me?


I would write about the

staggering tragedies in the South

Seas but to me they are simply

unfathomable. The mind &

soul are numb=struck by their

sheer magnitude. But i Pray no

less for them than for myself &

my fambly...the Trials are great

yet the Rewards of caring are

priceless in the sight of G^

In between dreams of Beauty

i felt a poignant emotion that:

"There are no lapsed Catholics."

{or any other religion, for that

matter} There is just the work

which impels us toward the

unity of Light. So~as long as

one is treading the correct Path,

there are no tripping points.

Mary Baker Eddy probably

agrees with me there. Join!

OH, Angels the songs of G's

fantabulous plan! It's a

mitzvah. The ruddy infant is

blessed and the yoke is mild.

OR~if you have a more Eastern

mind, remember to

Hear all & Say Nothing...

Bear all & Do Nothing...

Abandon all & Be Nothing.

{Also, pray as if every=thing

depended on Jehovah; Act as if

every=thing depended on You.}



Sunday, January 02, 2005^


sunflowerkat321 said...

Good to hear that Hane had an up day.  I hope that she will be well enough to come home before long.

The south sea tragedy is beyond our imagination.  I cannot get my brain around the extent of the devistation.

karynwiththewhy said...

I agree with it all, and so well put, as you do.

However, while I am not a lapsed Catholic, I certainly am not practicing Catholicism, I find Methodist ways a little more cheery and suited to my life.

As my wise Grandma Heil once said, At least its SOME church. Instead of NONE


cneinhorn said...

very wise words Slac, especially the last sentance...that one will stay in my thoughts today and's hard to be happy lately with all the sadness going on in unfair and heartbreaking....


floralilia said...

ah..perfect news today.

go hane go!

slacbacmac said...

Right Now~my mother is betwixt and between.
Guiding the multitudes before her in perfect
suffering AND not wanting to jump the line.
Her visits with US are extra credit Lessons.
Talk about Grace under pressure^

musenla said...

Happy New Year, my dear Slac!

It was a joy to read what a good day Hane had and also to know of Toni and Todd's continuing journey to recovery.  Miracles know no bounds, indeed.

The tsunami tragedy is unfathomable, indeed.  So much destruction, so much misery.  In my mind, it didn't happen to strangers in faraway lands; it happened to fellow human beings who live(d) and breathe(d) the same air in what is everyday becoming a smaller world.  

What is there to do in the face of such tragedy but to do what we humanly can, help the devastated rebuild and move on in spite of seemingly insurmountable loss?  Humanity should have no borders.  We are all in this, together.

deabvt said...

aww, Hane...wonderful!
What a fighter....course she has so much love around her.
Toni & Todd visited! Captain`s Courageous!!
Prayers continue supplicating.


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