Saturday, January 22, 2005




Mood: my mood is Snowy.

Music: organ, piano, Cat's

near=perfect voice


The things that went with

her: Rosary, Franciscan

by=laws, TAU cross, Infant

of Prague [from Prague]


My reading: Wisdom 3:1-6,9

"The souls of the just are in the

hand of God, and no torment

shall touch them..."


My points of eulogy:

If opposites attract, Hane & Dad

were a very, very, very attractive


To say my mother was Eccentric

would do an injustice to the word.

She always baked a cake for your

birth=day, didn't frost it and ate

half of it before you came to visit.

Hane and i were doing her medical

history for the doctor who fixed her

one eye that had cataracts, And she

paused at the Question,"Ever had

Seizures?" She told me to write,

"Only the induced kind."

Some people claim that Hane wasn't

a very good house=keeper; i tell

them that my Dad didn't marry her

for her home skills.

She often called people up just to

tell them that she was writing them

a letter. Did Anybody Ever get one

of those letters?

[Finally] Two things that Hane

actually said~"These are the socks

your father wears when he's walking

around bare=foot." And,

"As soon as I get enough money,

I'm gonna find out how much it costs."


It was a cold & snowy day. Dan &

Eva & Janice drove me to the plot.

She was lowered by two very nice Hispanic and one

Bosnian. I was glad to meet them.


{i might have thot to jump into the

Earth myself, but there was a box

in the way} Resurrection!

Rapture! Me? I'll be shovelling the

snow in a little while...and Praying

for my many Helpers. ~slac


sunflowerkat321 said...

These are wonderful memories that she would want you to hold close forever...and I know you will.  I was thinking about you throughout the day.


karynetaylor said...

and so it is thus ...
   I am pleased to sense you are doing OK through this
very slackky entry.  Like I said, it shows how much you loved her.

  ~ Karyn

floralilia said...

The amazing Hane - cloaked now in a soft blanket of natural white.

she is forever illuminated.

listen to the whispers of the falling snow...

musenla said...

What a touching, tender eulogy.  It's those little things, those stamps of personality we always remember.  She sure was one exceptional woman.

deabvt said...

wordless am I.

slacbacmac said...

{chekme in the succulent Wisdom~WE are only
just begun...There is no End, and wordlessness is
but a Pause in the natural voice.}


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