Friday, September 17, 2004


title: BRUNCH!

mood: overcast


we were five @ our favourite

restaurant. Both brothers,

both sisters-in-law. And me.

i took the green=ghost with

its new ignition coil. Tap,

crank, vrooom. i had the

club sandwich [we used to

call them Dagwoods.] and

fries, raspberry tea. It was

a fambly congruence.


Then i ran around in the car

like a chicken. Credit Union,

hardware store, recycle...

it's amazing what you can

accomplish when you're not

travelling by bus. Speaking

of which, it stuns me how many

urban riders own cell=fones.

I mean, for the price of their

wireless contract, they could

probly invest in a used car.

Communication trumps

Transportation, i suppose.


Crud! We lost another Ramone.

Are there more than three

chords in heaven? Mercy.


Was Dan Rather the victim of

a document spoof? More

importantly~should we care?

[i know i don't.]


betta lata...


floralilia said...

was it a Ritz dagwood parhaps?

clue: raspberry iced tea....

cyberdancer1008 said...

oh, Flora got here first... I was thinking the raspberry tea sounded mighty Ritzy-familiar.  I never hoid of club sandwiches as Dagwoods.  must be before my time.

yeah, right.

glad of your fambly congruence; my fambly to the north has been quiet.


slacbacmac said...

wrong & was a national
chain which thanks G for the day^
i am 'not' mentioning brand=name
name=brands  love2 mygirls

thelovetrain said...

No way Slac! I thought that was like an X-Man mutant evolution thing and those cell=fones were part of a new generation's heads.

"Johnny... I Wanna Be Sedated"-- R.I.P.

Don't know about "Dan... Rather" watch women's gymnastics.


sunflowerkat321 said...

girl #3 was late getting here....must have been the flood.

who knew Dan could BE spoofed...THAT'S news!!!

slacbacmac said...

{is it my imaginaxn or does brian, the train
al=ready write like me?  hmm}
Dagwood Bumstead makes those sandwiches in
the Blondie comic strip which dates 2 *gasp*
The Great Depression>>>yeh, it's the flood

thelovetrain said...



slacbacmac said...

[of the deep=comment, below:]
cheep~imitaxn (a bird) OR
imitaxn~cheap (no money) OR
a facsimile=reasonable (intellectual)
id est, IT'S really Hard 2 write like me
in my Own milieu [french]
Ask anybody^  regards

floralilia said...

anything brilliant is hard - at least in the beginning, eh?

ooh, don't you just love double entendres...


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