Tuesday, September 14, 2004



Not in this venue.

Meanwhile, if i had the

time or inclination to fill

a time=capsule...

WELL, i'd just fill it with

all the crud which is extant

to the haus currently:

All the papers,

all the writing implements,

my stereo including vinyl

turntable & records,

Reel player with reels,

cassettes & player...

old furniture & primitif

fone equipment...dishes

and canned food to go with,

like an estate sale except

about a hundred years later.

Nobody said the capsule

couldn't be container sized.

[i cheat, of course, because

i own an operable time



Wait! That's also my

hurricane disaster plan!^


What in the name of Bitty

Schram is going on?

Don't answer that.


Nostalgia ain't what it used

to be...exempli gratia:

>my grade school is a

parking lot.

>the house of the doctor who

delivered me is also paved


>the bishop who confirmed

me is buried in my


>my dad attended prep=school

with a former President.

>the restaurant where we held

the matriarch's 70th birthday

party is a mini=mall.

>the restaurant where we had

Dad's funeral lunch is now a

gas station/convenience store.

>and other things...


Puppies & Kittens! Life is good.

In spite of periodical nostalgia.

{Who's the filosofer here?}


Regard the Present~it's where

we live. PLUS+, tomorrow has

to be slightly better than today.

[that^ is not an eminently provable

concept~but it is consoling.]

Adjunct counter=arguments are

always Welcome.



merelyp said...

By gosh you've got it-- I believe he's got it (Pygmalion-style)!  the Junk Drawer should have been emptied into the Time Capsule.  (and then, the journals would automatically go in!?!) Whyyyy didn't I think of that?  Brilliant, Slacmeister!  And i think the invocation theory does work.  I google all the time.  o no, that's giggle.

thelovetrain said...

Slac, if I didn't know 'me' better, I might believe that you're comparably wild. Me likey that in you.

Man, I hope that all artists aren't as twisted as we are, Lord help'em.




viviansullinwank said...

hey Hey HEY!!!
It was good to see the Slackster over at Nwanyioma's place today! Things are looking good over here!!!


thelovetrain said...

I had to shake=off those evil messages of mine, they were fading my aura. That means all of the replies went too. I didn't want you to think it was a 'you' thing because of the timing.

Later but, hopefully sooner...



thelovetrain said...

Man, is this CRAZEE? A few hyperkeyed chicks now have me mentally running around trying to reassure everyone, every time I squat. Like, I'm sure you would have thought that was a 'you' thing.

... It'll be okay Brian -- Breath in, breath out...

slacbacmac said...


thelovetrain said...

Thanks Slac, 'you' certainly help...


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