Tuesday, September 21, 2004




music: my own

mood: sunny & mild

weathre: ^see above

THOT: "the receptionist had

not expected me so early...

it was because i had my

wheels again and was free

to come and go as i pleased."


[then, again, she sits behind

bulletproof plastic and has to

answer the fone for 5 hours.]


Just your average Tuesday...

September 21, 2004 and i am

the Runner i refer to. First,

i had to slake the thirst of the

green=ghost to the tune of

20 dollars {How dare those

people live on top of our oil?!}.

disregard that aside^

Then, on to the grocery store

for especial good bogos.

I saved like 44% on most of

our necessaries. Not only

am i a super=voter but also

a super=saver. With coupons

yet. Zoom, zoom~to the drug

store for Hane's patches.

At which place, a small crew

is finishing a re=tar job;

if they're smart, they won't

bother repainting the

parking lines. I mean,

doesn't Evybody just park

where they like anyway?

[post=modern rhetorical]

Conundrum! It is posited in

both kinds of Relativity that

people who approach the

speed of light [such as by

drifing a car] are ever slightly

younger than the rest of us.

WHICH means, To=day i

have recouped in the machine

a portion of the seconds i

lost last week walking here &

there, or riding the bus. hmm

Ergo & thus: Imagine how old

and Wise yet sprightly i could

become just by switching to

a scooter/bicycle. Don't dwell

on it~it'll make you crasy^


Where the Laurette Spang

was i? OH! Yeah~apparently

and according 2 NPR it was

the bloggers [re: Glowers] who

dismantled the Dan Rather

memo situation in time=real.

I wasn't following it but i am

relieved that some of us were

paying attention. Spoof me

Not! i have almanacs from

1999! And some thot this

InterWeb thingy wouldn't come

to a fair middle. Enuf on that.


This is my normal voice.

Yes, Ivan was an especially

bad storm allto; comparable to

Diane round these parts. OR

the schtorm of '38, if you're as

old as Hane. We pray for a

full recovery of property &

mourn the vital losses...

G bless all those, everywhere

Rising out of the Aftermath.


Nature---she can be a beach,

whom i try 2 run ahead of.

But then, i'm a wide cloud...



haikulike said...

with a silver lining, all-to.

plittle said...

You had me hooked until you used the word "byatch." Broke the spell like dropping a wine glass (pinwheel pattern). Don't worry, what Arnie said.

thelovetrain said...


This may be your ONLY chance to ever win an 'authentic' AOL Award and if 'anyone' deserves one, you do. I've seen your art man.

No time to read but, I 'will' later.

Lend me some funky penmanship...


~Your Train too

slacbacmac said...

i am the slac
and i approved this entry^
many & much, my Glow
is humble & right=forth...

abettorarcane said...

God Slac, I always love your 'writing' too, as well as your art. That's cute stuff.

Don't sweat 'no interest' in my issue, as far as 'we're' concerned. I like you 'very much' as my friend already.

Keep up the groovy journal and have fun.

~Brian (Abettor Arcane)



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