Tuesday, September 7, 2004



September 07, 2004

We will remember the

Labour day for all these


1. Hurricanes in Florida

2. Candidates visiting all

the ground=battle states

3. Terrorists werldwide

ratcheting up their bad

causes...killing children

4. Bill Clinton's operation

on a big fat heart

5. The end of reality TV

due to lack of interest

6. Censorship on the Web

7. Petty criminals being

caught everywhere by

ordinary Citizens

8. Glow/blogs lead to

fantastic f2f meetings

9. There is no Nine, just a

reshuffling of 1 thru 8


Read my Girls! They exceed

me especial^>

The Engineer & his fambly

droppt by last night, after

the last fling of the Fair...

AND the Matriarch made a

special point of calling all

her natural relatives during

the Visit. {this is not rude,

it is Essential} Must me not

to remember much--but

All of them were Alive &

well, yet mildly surprised of

Hane calling them sudden.

[the Matriarch would be

dangerous if she had an

e=mail account] Grace!


These are the conditions

which Prevail. Noah is two

years old & everyone else is

growing into their faces.

I am just a Cloud of the mist

of the Vapour which obscures

the Mountain...etcetera

Love 2 Love the werld ~slac


sunflowerkat321 said...

Unfortunate that of the reasons to remember...the bad outweigh the good.  I f we can continue to spread the joy of confluence....then the world will be a better place.

merelyp said...

I am very glad you are on the committee, cloud.  (Hey!  I could call you MacCloud! because somewhere in the back of my mind, I recall Scottish heritage.)  uhoh, tellin' secrets.
I'm with Kat.  More confluences need to be excited; less excitable rally cries.

Hane was feeling sociable.  How nice.  

you have a commanding voice, capn wide-- many come from thither and yon-- and maybe that's where we will end up.  I am partial to thither.


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