Thursday, September 23, 2004


de gustibus non disputandum


listening to: 'corporate Rock'

on a sunny day in the Walley,

where the mood is autumnal,

scholarly...and 4 some of us,

reversedly jocular.


the bounce report:

dancer has cat pictures! And

forensic lethargy...

floralilia has deep & important

informaxn about voter

registration---if you don't sign

up soon, you'll miss the next

chance 2 kvetch about the


sunflower has a prescient

entry about that schmell in

your base=ment if you have

the flood damage from Ivan.

the train=man is waging a

quixotic battle against the

beast of 'blog~awards'

{i like his new & refreshing

presence...Plus+ i have a

habit of taking bronze in all

categories.} the fence=man

is @ large in another venue,

but we'll read his next set of

Animal Adventures around

Turkey Day...

then, read evybody else,

my bounce was brief.

[i like 2 lurk] Autumn!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Title: deconstructing the 70s


i am so sick of the Viet Nam

War---i had to watch all the

jungle fire=fights in black &

white on a 19 inch television

when i was a baby. I can't

believe all the yuppy politicos

attempting 2 make points for

what they did or did not do

thirty years ago~~they should

do some bong=hits with the

men & women who came out

of Southeast Asia crippled and

confused. Let it go, guys, and

tell us what you want to do

in THIS CENTURY! [posited

with love & respect for all

Veterans, living & lost]


ON that same topic^

which speaks 2 my foggy and

squandered childhood:

When did Cat Stevens and

Bobby Fischer become the

greatest threats to American

Freedom that they're being

made out to be? Was it

about the same day that

Led Zeppelin decided to

endorse Cadillac OR the

Who sold Happy Jack to

the Hummer people?

Mysitifies me much. Ralph

Nader can't get on the

ballot...but, we wouldn't

have seat=belts or airbags

without him. [more people

still die on the highway than

in ordinary Wars or acts of

Nature^] Ah! The seventies

you say~what a simple and

innocuous decade.

au contraire---everybody

stood up for something in

those days, rightly or wrongly.

And the struggle continues.

Ask anybody who lived then

and there. [insert Hendrix

experience here^] Advise me

much~i was just a baby.

{NB: the arabic werd for

struggle is jihad; radical

extremists have co=opted true

progress ON the name of

their Prophet.} i have boxed

the soap enuf~~soon, we will

all come to our senses.

And stop schpilling blood for

misguided reasons. It is to

be Hoped.



whomever711 said...

i weren't a baby.  i was full growed and stood for civil rights and listened to Cat Stevens with hardly an interruption by Master Hendrix.  i am glad that the Fencepost sitter might jockey into view at the appropriate season.  that is some good news, unlike the political schtuff.  But you're right, Nader can't go on the ballot on account of an unmangageable, dorky 2-party system.  i think.  i'm not sure.  there's some reason.

deabvt said...

Cat & Fischer!!   Good Point, slac.

cneinhorn said...

I heard about Cat on TV, then left my house, got in my car and I hear "PeaceTrain" by Cat on the radio.....synchronicity Slac? I dunno.
I enjoyed your bounce report.  I saw Dancer's cats the other day.....cute is all I can say!
Peace my friend,

haikulike said...

Couldn't your painting have de-highlighted the mumsy double chin?  Ah, but tres amigos 'tis seen thru the eye of a wonder-beholder and enhanced by wide painter.
Can the werld as we are getting to know it be any more confused?  Cat Stevens?

floralilia said...

egad - and yet another fo=to of the confluxers less 1 more!  i like the slacbellishments better in person.  but this is bright, as was the day.

it produces fond memories less the never.

mumsy stole my orange cat, slac is still my royal and most belov-ed BF uno, kat is still able to proceed in smelly oblivion, (as is the choo-choo),  and flora needs to read up on electorial colleges - what are the SAT requirements for that outdated institution i wonder...

praps ewe can enlighten us oh slacscholar?

abettorarcane said...

chek Flo>>>chick=funki'rytn

~> "{i like his new & refreshing presence..."

Oh Slac, that's the kiss of journal death man. You might as well torch this thing now and scoot fast. Thanks though, it's been fun knowing you. I liked you too.

~> "bong=hits"

Now THAT I could get into. It's a shame that, I have no connection since I moved to Tampa... Sux-man.

~> "Hendrix"

What an electric guitar ride he was.

Finally a Slac pic! Good to finally put a body to all of this jazzy=writing.

Keep it up my man and me + you again soon since, I'll be the 'only' person that ever comes here again.

Your friend ~ Brian

slacbacmac said...

{braces, as always, indicate filosofical or highly
subjectif this venue}
Yeh~i coulda werkt more on the foto...But it's
a minor miracle i got it this far this fast
[maniacal lafter]    more tomorro

abettorarcane said...

{SLAC the 'LION'}

Buhdz awlwayz ~ Brian

Left you a reply too... Thanks.

abettorarcane said...

{Sir Slac, come and get some lovin', for all that 'you' do.}

Your friend ~ Brian

slacbacmac said...

i could Roar on my own page>
but it's not like me...  thanks


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