Saturday, September 18, 2004


Wet & Wet...

Disclaimer & Proviso:

do not venture into high

water! You may be swept

away. [i am very much like

a cat; i assiduosly avoid

all water & lick my paws.]

What a long=lasting and

persistent Rain...i hope

the Wedding party had

a minisculum of problems.

Things are far worse in

the Southeast. OR in

Middle Asia.


September 18, 2004

Of course, i went to werk

becos the drive is all rising

ground. More=over of many

things: i have customers

who werk harder in the rain

than on sunny days...i am

closer to the police and

public workers on an

inclement day than at any

other time in the Season.

[Sandy was nice enuf to

tell me about the extra

hoagies & chips in the break

room] PLUS+ what better

test for the Ignition Coil on

my tank=car than a ride

thru intermittent puddles?

{Yet, it amazes me that some

people drive their all=plastic

imported sedans through the

same watery crud} etc.


Do not imitate my feats!

The angels i consort with have

broad wings that protect my

near and extended fambly.

YOU will not be protected if

you aren't an intimate!

[ask Maisie, the Lizard, or

any=one who has walkt

across a Volcano with me.]


also, remember the filosofy

which posits,"if you think

the worst is over~you might

very well be wrong."

i reiterate: stay away from

the High Water^

the dry slac who avoids the

swimming but can do all

the strokes...

then, how did he add

that b'ful painting when

Kodiak is so balky?

a minor slac=miracle^

Advise of else~~dopplic


thelovetrain said...

You might 'very well' be the all intelligent=Slac. I've never been able to hear or read exceptionally well.

I just don't know about some things though my friend and 'may' need help... For instance, if one doesn't have wings or water craft, how does one get to the oh-so beautiful=Islands of Paradise and remain dry?


slacbacmac said...

Those @ the tuna factory say:
"We do what we can & can what we do."
Regard my girls~~they exceed me especial.
Twas ever Thus.  Intelligence?  ON Web??
never mind

merelyp said...

it is the boo-fullest yet, mebbe.  No schwimming?  oh no!  I can't wait for Atlantic City swimming my very Piscean self.  
smoochez from your high and dry dancer

thelovetrain said...

In answer Slac... Beyond you, I doubt 'too' much.


thelovetrain said...

I'm sorry to write, with so much copied stuff floating around and my immediate need of a fast pace, I didn't zoom in on 'your' art yesterday... However, I 'did' today.

Slac, you're the 'artist man'. Definitely 'good stuff'.


deabvt said...

slac, that is a righteous painting!
By the way, how are the kids?

slacbacmac said...

Like the WHO say,
"the kids are alright."
[which means evybody]
meanwhile~i find painting
on the pooter therapeutic...
more tomorro


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