Sunday, September 5, 2004



when the werld folds in on

you, recognise it...

'cause you might not see that

crease again.


This was the day that proceeded

forward in spite of itself.


SunFlowers propigate! Very

much like Septembre cukes

and lake=side confluences.

OR trailers & trux on the last

best day of the Parish Yard.

{I was a ride within a ride}

Do i not thus posit by foot and

feature to the blue blank

summer=sky? [rhetorical]

Of course~but the impending

Hurricane is far from us...

Nearly. [Hane is following the

disaster from the comfort of her

arm=chair.] Diversion!


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sunday: Hane is talking back

to the meteorologists, some of

whom don't have enuf sense to

come in from the Hurricane.

The Matriarch is already up to

looking after Ivan---even though

Frances still has a whole day

to go. [query: was there a H?]


Sometimes, the freakshow is

outside the Midway. Not that

i've noticed as i walk round the

Town... By Tuesday the whole

she=bang will be broke down.

Fair & cooler~Gypsies on the

road til anothre day.

[was that potery?^]

* Tommoro, there will be hot

dogs with sauerkraut, brown

mustard & chili=sauce AND a

chance 2 reflect on werk without

actually werking. Which is a good

thing considering the conditions

that prevailed halfway through the

last Epoch. Slavery! Indenture!

Child workers & the 6 day week.

Schtanding on the produxn line as

long as your legs would hold...

OR breeding babies to till the soil

from dark 2 dark. Our grands

sure had the rough life, short and

brutish. Mercy that's over!

Happy Labour Day and batten

down the hatches. Advise of else

as time passes~~~it is Quiet within

the Eye. cloudyslac


deabvt said...

Thanks, slac, for the reminder of the reason for the Holiday.

cneinhorn said...

I don't know.......was there an "H"?.....seems we had Frances, Gaston, H? and now Ivan.....hope Ivan is  not terrible....Happy Holiday Slac

cyberdancer1008 said...

a peachy sun to you, too, cloudy slack!

--the dancer names you to a committee officially, on Labor Day

--MerelyP toasts you in reverence of the original confluence in *Argument*

--d.queen claims to be an American Worker with stars in her eyes in 1stPersonPOV

~~mumsy spoke of you often, poetically, at lakeside camp on Sunday. (real life)

and sends smooches for exciting (verb) confluence (link)

P.S. yes, 'tis potery

slacbacmac said...

WE [hane & me] have contacted most of our
Hurricane relatifs & they are doing well.
Jerry Lewis looks good this year, healthy.
2005 Conflux?!  i can't even spell committee>
altho, i could bus 2 Atlantic City
more on the morro~~  smooches2all^

uscga1995 said...


W - just a simple letter
W - 4th from the end of 26
W - top left of the keyboard
W - 43rd leader of nation
W - just plain W

W - at least it's original

W - it's not a wannabe JFK

W - Nov 2, 2004 = victory

floralilia said...

this one is slacxspecial for sure....

karynwiththewhy said...

we sure met a lot of nice Floridians at the campgrounds Saturday-Sunday ... and our Florida family survived it all as well, though the plywood stays up until we're through the alphabet if need be!


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