Sunday, September 26, 2004

the lazy entry

Sunday, September 26, 2004


i only report when i do

the puxxle perfect...


apparently, there are

still meteorologists who

can't stay away from

gusting winds and pelting

rains. Hane is in her

element~following jeanne

and the philly sports.

nice day for a short ride,

though. sunny, fair...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

wow! There's a lot of editorials

about the CBS news...I hope it

shakes out for the good.

[proviso: i haven't gotten my

news from evening television in

a long time; i suffer the paroxysm

of reading a daily news=paper.]

I have an opinion about Richard

Thornburgh but i'll keep that to

myself for the moment.


Video Tangents!

Amber Tamblyn has changed

her hair---yet the story of Joan

of Arcadia hasn't suffered. Well,

that's because Mary Steenburgen

is pulling her weight especial in

the over=all melodrama. That

show should play for 20 years.

+Alexis Bledel is travelling to

Europe with her Grandma.

This development & twist may

save or sink the ever wonderful

Gilmore Girls. I'm hoping the

writers keep up the tension and

that Lauren Graham also stays

on the air for a quarter Century.

{Lauren is my secret television

girl=friend, without stalking.}

Who follows the night=time

opera=soaps? Me~intermittently.

[i miss wonderfalls...]


Who said filosofy had to be deep

all the time? Not the wide knighted

Cloud of peripheral intagibles.

More=over, it's only Sunday and

the slack is running out of big



avoid the high water!


cneinhorn said...

Slac....out of big words?  Oh no, it can't be!  I will heed
your advice....wise one!


ondinemonet said...

Mac :)

Truth, Journalism, Glow...All good words and good entry also.

Take care, Always, Carly :)

deabvt said...

`Member Amber`s Dad adancin` in " West Side Story" ?

abettorarcane said...

{The Slac=Contemporary 'Picasso', no less.}

~The Abettor Train


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