Friday, July 30, 2004


So~what does the #3 PentaGlower

do on his day off in the middle of the

Anniversary Celebraxn?

Yard=werk! Of gourse. A lawnboy's

werk is never done. The Widow's

grass is dense & moist; plus there

are many weeds to pull before the

electric Mower can be schtarted.

Never mind--i was paid well to do

my regular job. And then @ home

i tore into the clinging ivy which

loves to rise high in my Rose of

Sharon bushes. Three bags of crud

for me to take 2 werk tomorro--and

my garden is still a mess. But i do

have a dozen ripe cherry tomatoes.

[Insert vague gardening reference

here:] Lots 2 do~and my own yard

is a micro=environment of bugs &

bees which only a fotoglower could

love. OR maybe a paradigm of the

convention season. Now, if only the

weather people would posit an honest

assessment of future weathre.

{Rain is coming}

Friday, July 30, 2004

Have i shouted out 2 all my peeps?

Who made me big in many ways?

AND, who was 7500?~~that person

deserves a painting of a flowre.

{It enters me as a thot=after}

Advise of thus! The slackster shuns

no=one! And welcomes all the far

flung Glowers...especial. I won't be

bumpt 4 this^ more on the morro

becos i require a warm bath,

#3 with a wooden stake


deabvt said...

slac, yer paintings`re cumming so sofistakated!
Thes are grete!

merelyp said...

it was probably mumsy @ 7500...

believe that?  

so much succulent wisdom here and over there, at one of your other gf's j...

merelyp said...

uh, oh--you deleted your counter?  or are ya just checking weekly-daily?  smartish!

slacbacmac said...

Nope~~the counter, she is asleep.
would that i were not surprised...
{remember this: the ones who Really
count, Don't count by digits~~they
effuse into the Universe}  ~author


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