Sunday, July 25, 2004


Title: Distillation


Mood: relaxed


Music: my own


Thot: "Bounce well & fully, because it

is rarely known where you might end up."


Professor Hawking's old fone=book has

just poppt out of a black hole. Alas, all

the entries are in Reverse order. And

some other stuff. Physics is funny...


Super=shout! Congrats to all the writers

who took prizes in the Annual Blog Awards.

Deservata & appreciata! And if i haven't

read you once yet---i'll get there. AND if

i have found you, well, thanks for tolerating

my scatter=shot comments! Delete me

at will~today, tomorro & eventual^


Another Cucumber! Two more hot peppers!

My cherry tomatoes are turning---soon i won't

have to buy any at the Farmers' Market. Yet,

the garden is still a mess of weeds and poison

competing with the comestibles. Fortunately

the season is but midway~~August will find

me tearing crud out at a frantic pace. And

trimming bushes to the point of Xhaustion...

[insert soft=porn Gardening joke here^]

That is, my one neighbor to the South told

me that i am 'contributing Good Oxygen to

the environment.' How optimistic!

Meanwhile~yesterday at the Yard was less

than crasy; i told my regulars that i suspected

the entire township was half done with their

projects. I'll take the sunny breezy easy

traffic on a Saturday any=time. Gives me a

chance to catch up on NPR. And i get less

dirty that way.


Distillation! Hane insists that her oxygen

bubbler be filled with rainwater; she thinks

the local calcified tap=water is bad for the

brain. Far be it from me to disagree while

the Three Stooges are on and i'm finishing

the New York Times crosswerd puzzle

perfectly. {i am always using this local

H20 & my brain keeps getting exceptionally

larger and more perfect} Filter & Distill!


Sunday entries are my bĂȘte noir. I'd rather

be reclining...OR painting. slackadaisy

Sunday, 25 July, 2004^


cneinhorn said...

I find your entries......amusing......interesting......will be back slac,

karynwiththewhy said...

Looks like you've attracted another she-fan, there HAS to be something in your water, rainy or not. And I was only away for the weekend....

~ Karyn

merelyp said...

slac, pay no attention to the Y, Indeed.  flora read me your entry over the ding dang fone!
We have decided upon tuesday.  You are in charge again; call Kat.  Have you a fone?  with which to call?  or do you shout across the Lehigh Valley?  What gives?
At latest 12noon -- we are steeling ourselves for the barbie and ice cream, again, for we are so good at finding Ritzy places.  Mumsy flies at 5:40 with a rental car to return...something about 2 hours twiddling thumbs and stripping to the metal....

gettin' excited now.

I hope the sunflower has no interferences with confluences.

merelyp said...

and, to answer thee, babyMae STILL has the recordings.  

merelyp said...

oops, I forgot to chek you-- fotos are tremendously arch=itectural.  I love the black and whites the most, except for the color ones.

~~dancer with float  (<<== a mitzvah)

slacbacmac said...

Another she=fan! of gourse~it is the Water.
Fones?!  We don't need no 19th Century
technology.  Plus i do the especial good
Vulcan mind=meld; ask anybody.
Appreciata~more on the morro ~Author

babyshark28 said...

Hmmmm. you are funny. :P  a crazy read you are, Distillation in the duration of the words, jotted down...make me laugh right out loud. :p

wildflower121764 said...

I love your writings Slac. They always make me smile and laugh. Expressive Smooches!


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