Tuesday, July 20, 2004




Mood: feeling bombastic


Hearing: old movies


Thot: "Narcissism & Egomania are

pathetic; megalomania is Sublime."


Where was i? Not speaking out of

turn or out of school, i hope.

AH! Beauty. Matt was kind enuf to

send along a passel of pictures from

that extraordinary May wedding in

the Albany environs. Some of them

appear above^. To repeat again that

everyone had a great time would be

bombastic. And redundant. I do hope

my older brother's check=book has

fully recovered. Nonetheless, the

fotoes well reflect the Beauty i have

been speaking of. It's a habit in my

fambly to adhere to gorgeousness and

there=after Bless the werld with handsome

child specimens. This is a wild compliment

to all my natural relatives. And a partial

Reason why i paint so good, sometimes.

I am especially surrounded by pulcritude!


Perhaps the BEASTIE BOYS said,

"You gotta fight~for your right~to Party"

Did they have a crystal ball Regarding the

Glow=wars of 20 And 4? Maybe.

As for me, i'll stick with my observation that

all good things come out of journaling for

fun & excitement. OH, sure, there will often

be skirmishes about Potery, Art, apparent

OR inadvertent Comedy, Language Or lack

there=of...and on and on, including but not

limited to the line=on personalities of the

many glowers. Still~the brightness of it all

exceeds occasional banality & spoofery.

{I wouldn't trade a single hand=off Comment

for the slight burns and Bumps we have

suffered in this Venue.} Where was i?

Improvement by increments and everyone

is Well met, i think. Now if only i could learn

to write in complete sentences. Advise!

Advise, especial Visitories---the filosofy is

plain enough. It's just a thing.


And there you have.

I would werk on my mind but it is too sharp

to touch. [<joke] GLOW! GLOW! GO~DO!

Captain Wide has got 2 bounce and put out

the fires his TORCH has set the off.

And don't admire the apparent Eloquence

until werld peace is closer to hand...



viviansullinwank said...

{{{{{Slac}}}}} the pictures are beautiful....happiness and beauty...thanks for sharing them  and congratulations to you on your awards nomination!!!


deabvt said...

Slac...Thanks for sharing...Anne remains as beautiful as she was in last post!
& Cong on your nomination!!

emfeasel said...

Very nice pictures....


karynwiththewhy said...

AWards? What awards? we can win something here? Huh?


  ~ Karyn


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