Friday, July 16, 2004


Title: Cucumbre!


Mood: breezy, not tornadic


Sound: street noise


Thot: "My garden is not as good

as many others..."


Of a fact~my garden is a mess.

It's a blessing that the vegetables

i planted can survive amidst the

weeds. The green=hot pepper

plant is producing...and there was

one good sized cucumbre among

the mess. The cherry tomatoes

are beginning to sprout greenly.

Perhaps, in future, i will develop a

system for doing right by my

pocket=yard. On such a day, next

year, you might also notice porkers

floating on air. It is a mildly facetious

prediction. [end: garden report^]


National News: Our friends in Iraq

and Afghanistan are stepping up to

the plate---by telling the well=armed

bullies in both countries 2 cut the crap!

Democracy & Free Elections are the

steam=rollers of civic liberty. And you

can tell the true enemies of G by their

reliance on kidnapping & beheading.

These^ are not political statements...

they are Acts of hoodlum Desperation.

If you dispatch Innocents by the razor

sharpness of your bloody not

surprised when You arrive at a well

constructed guillotine. It's a simple

warning, rarely considered. Still, i would

rather notice Dialog abof Death OR

Reconciliation before Vengeance...perhaps

it is too much to hope for.


Local News: Nature does a devastating

dance on the Eastern seaboard~~with

Floods & Tornadoes. Americans some=how

recovre, at length. Wild=fires consume

acres of Land~~volunteers and specialists

respond to the challenge. These are the

Conditions which Prevail^ Crime & Cruelty

rear their ugly heads & natural heroes

somehow pacify the madness...

Twas ever Thus.


Imagine a werld where such things did not

occur naturally. It's not a place i would

choose to live in. WE have choices~let's use

them Wisely. Let us Glow not only inthe

celebration of our uniqueness, but also

Toward the Transformation of All things.

[end: editorial^] soapy=slack


merelyp said...

THUS ends a cool-as-cucumbre soap box.  well done.  

onestrangecat said...

Love this entry.

I thought people planted veggies just to get the weeds to grow.  Didn't realize that people wanted the veggies and not the weeds.  Guess I have been doing it all wrong.


z7snowflake said...

wow...u give a better news report that the ppl do on tv! :)

karynetaylor said...

So much is thrown our way to build character during our brief stint here on earth, it is easy for one to wonder why we go and create more to also challenge us. Why can't we all just get along?

Enlightening entry, entertaining at times, excellent work, egghead.

fatcatskinycat said...

It is a very nice torch indeed. I made one with a little bear holding it, but alas I am OSooo Toooo blonde. I can't getr it to go in a journal. I'm stuck.

ondinemonet said...


Congrats Large on the nominations...Go Log, Go Log!

Love, Carly :)

floralilia said...

sir slacbackmacmeister of grandiosity - congrats on your fine and grandiose nomination...!

hrmore1956 said...

Soapy=slack, that was a very deep and thought-provoking entry. Well, all but the part about the garden. That was plain sad because it reminded me I bought two bell pepper plants and they're both sitting in the shade - in their original containers -- root-bound and watching all the other plants grow.

lamove04 said...

Hi Slack, congrats on your nomination.  I wish I understood what the heck you're talking about in this here Log!  I do like your torch very much, though, sir... sincerely, Albert, aka Madame Glinka

sunflowerkat321 said...

Slack - congratulation on your nomination!!
I'll bet my garden is a bigger weed patch than YOUR garden.  And with the's a lost cause.

derossetfamily said...

Congrats on being nominated! :D


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