Monday, July 19, 2004


There she is^ little Annie Bananie.

As Beautiful in this picture as today or on the day she was born.  I'll post some more of the pictures tomorrow.

Meanwhile, in glow=land, there are especial skirmishes breaking out regarding several electif offices.  People! People!  Love the love~~it's a party not a contest/brawl.  You heard it from Captain Wide [chekme but don't elekme].

Nevertheless, i am effaced with humbleness of all the congratulations regarding my nomination in the most grandiose category.  Appreciata!

Still it pondres me~~i never thot of myself as grandiose.  More like a megalomaniac.  OH, well, i'll take what i can get.  Bounce my torch to Australia and i'll get back to you.  Thanks again...

I will post a proper entry[?] tomorrow~~this one is just on the fly.  Smooches all=round, slack


karynetaylor said...

Annie IS quite pretty. Skirmishes must be avoided, they don't get me in my neighborhood o' private... I fly away too.


uscga1995 said...

Pls send me Anne's e-mail address so that I can get copies of photos....  It's too distressing to wait for you to post.  You take weeks..........months to post.  You are not keeping up with Slacbac contract.  

W forever!

wildflower121764 said...

No, yours is indeed Grandiose!

floralilia said...

oh, and succulent grandiose wisdom...

floralilia said...

i agree, it's grandiose with finesse...congrats my flair friend.

and, the wedding pic is most beautious...

emfeasel said...

awesome pic!


merelyp said...

I am to be be wrist-slapped, I know.  
I can't help it.  I love word games, and I think of this phase of The Awards as a game, as I did the naming of them.  
I cheat!  I use my superior wiles of bossiness.  It will not get me any more (and maybe much less) admiration than I already have,  but readers are what I'm after.
Not readers of me, necessarily-- but readers who know WHY they appreciate what they read.  
It is a little thing I (and some others before me) like to call critical thinking.

Plus, I always wanted to be popular, whereas Meryl always just wanted to be good at what she does.

I know my faults.  I celebrate them.

deabvt said...

Ann is beautiful!!
Congrats, slac, You deserve the nomination!

lamove04 said...

slac, you are most grandiose too. In your own spelled-creative-type way. Twas ever thus, indeed!  I am in your journal right now, as you comment in mine! Synchronistic, no?  The wedding pics, and the bride, are/is beautiful!  --Albert


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