Thursday, July 29, 2004


Title: Bronze on Bronze


Mood: Celebratory


Music: of the Glows, echoing


Theme, apparent: Eclectic souls

who trod the universe, toward their

own best message...


Thot: "They could not have picked a

better day to Glow; these humble five

are Anniverseral."


Text: And when the Rain subsided,

they stood on a high place gazing at

the Rain=Bow. Well joined, well met

and especially's a Party.

Happy happy Joy joy. One year along<

Honour falls on me & i shrug~it's a

thing, a big thing, but just a thing.

{filosofy tells us: Ideas become important

thru Repetition & reiteration OR by the

preternatural force of the people who

espouse them.} Glow on!

Kayy pondres me if i would sell out.

OH! Carly Pope! I have not yet sold in!

[how to explain a man who rarely links

popping up in the top five?] THAT

won't change the slack, by any name.

Read me & exceed me~that's how i

bounce with my crew.


tomorro, i may return to my beta=roots.

But~in the mean=time i send my thanks

to Evybody who droppt by & made me what

i am. {which is what?} Happy Anniversary!

We Glow! change nothing.

* the Wide Knight


deabvt said...

Love your filosofy quote!  sounds like David Hume!
It was so great to see some of my favorite journals AOLionized!

rrveh1 said...

Congratulations!!! Sir Slac-You deserve this Spotlight!!! _rrose

rachoh322 said...

cool site! come to mine!

aiibrat said...

Happy Anniversary to you, too!!! it is an exciting time most definitely! And congratulations on being on the Editor's pick! -=)

haikulike said...

AT Last YOU Ol' African, I FOUND YOU!!!!!


oH, i am the very happy filosofer of flim flam tonight coming home from playtime, having never looked at J-picks-- YOU HATH MADE THE PENTA GLOW glowingly.  I am so happy for my absolute and utter first friend here in this wholey space!

Roots, 'twas ever thus.  We change, actually, much.  I have heard it said and have witnessed it in deed.

the Dancer.

ondinemonet said...

Hello Mack

Congratulations on making the Editor's list! Well deserved!

Always, Carly :)

floralilia said...

my first knight - finally the editors gave thee a proper nod - you sir, are most deserving of this recognition - but they still didn't get the numbers right - you are always no 1 in my tome, sir...

but i am afeared that our best kept secret of j-land is now out - and now we must share you...

like the dancer said - remember your roots mr. widepants.

slacbacmac said...

AGREEMENT!  Gold & Silver are burnished,
The many metals are improved by alloy~
My bronze & tin and baser Elemtents are never
compromised... Only Love & Shining may
brighten my meagre Armour.


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