Monday, July 5, 2004


Title: My car is a Star


Mood: patriotical


Noise: Air=conditioner


Thot: "If i weren't already doing this

particular entry, my mind would be



There was anothre Holiday?

After the Saterday of up=filling all

the bins to capacity I nearly forgot.

Plus i've been very busy on the Sunday

catching up on edited flip wilson

shows. They were especially funny

and addictif in marathon form. It's

difficult to fathom that most of his

guests with the large lapels and the

lack of bras are...well, if not passed on

Then very much the older. Ahhh, the

golden age of Variety shows! Thank

goodness i was a baby when that

show first aired.


OH! Merciful blessings and a complete

surprise~Maria Sharapova went all the

way @ Wimbledon! Such a wisp of a

repatriated Siberian to overtake the

remaining Williams sister [Serena is

just 22]. Now~i will have to challenge

Maria to a game of Chess. When i

next meet her. OR something like that.


The engineer brot his fambly over for

a visit last night [sunday] and went to

the firewerks @ the Terrace. We traded

all the good fambly schtories before they

ambled there. {fambly/ramble/amble

fambly/tramble: a certain Captain Wide

needs the poetical spell=check^}

Regardless of that, i declined to join

their perambulation and took just enuf

of a nap to be Awakened by the firewerks

long positing out=side my Southern

window. Brief & Beautiful, yet perfectly

placed, the boomers. Lotsa the good

noise 2 celebrate Especial freedoms...


Today, Monday, 05 July, 2004

I went to werk becos nobody told me to

take the day off. Fortunately, none of

the 9 cuddies who visited found it

strange that i would be at my Shack on

such a Hot & Happenstance day...

{Independence in America is much like

Liberty anywhere~~it's more the force

of Freedom than a date=set=certain by

the powers of History} Meanwhile, the

green ghost is beside herself with the

Behaving well from the Famousness...

[thanx Ayn] Id Est, the true beauty of

drifing an old car is that when some part

falls off, you know @ last Exactly which

part to replace. Now, if only the rest of

life presented so well.


I have said too much & not made a

single point~~with too much right handed

margin as well. OF this, i will be @ length

Advised by all my Fans...OR not.

'Twas ever Thus. This week, i promise 2

catch my ephemeral Brain with one

thumb. OH! Happy Independence Day!

And flip would add,"What you see is

What you get." smooches on the morro,

catching=the=up @ length in Moments,



sunflowerkat321 said...

We were watching from a friend's above the Terrace.  I'm glad your sourthern window afforded you a view of the boomers.

slacbacmac said...

{I had a sneaking suspicion the Sun=Flower
was close at hand...}  Now, Captain wide will
take comments from evybody else>>

floralilia said...

"I went to werk becos nobody told me to

take the day off."  

hee... i hope you got paid time and a half...

am glad the the green ghost is behaving too...happy 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th..and well -  now...8th my dahling BF.

floralilia said...

ps...succulent wisdom embedded here.

karynetaylor said...

wow, she's good, real good, I don't stop by for like a day and a half and look at all the SCHTUFF going on here in the comment area!!!

I suppose she thinks you're just gonna pick her up in the green ghost and the two of you will sputter off into ephemeral bliss...

haikulike said...

Karyn, Flo, Kat-- he's MY BF!

and I think he's wearing sunglasses because he is a famous movie star or sumpin.

back off.

maggstar22 said...

karynetaylor said...

Hey, I AM number 7,000

What's my prize???

What's the deal with Scalzi assigning haikus .... who's he been sleeping with??

ha ha!!

deabvt said...

er, slac, you better wait a year `til you challenge that "wisp of a repatriated Siberian" [love that!]. or something like that.


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