Wednesday, July 28, 2004


Title: A Break in the Rain...


Mood: i am whelmed over, perhaps


Noise: Wheel of Fortune


Thot: "There's a Convention? And

people are Glowing about it?"


Far flung readers! Spurious Xclamation

Points! Here's the Up: Altho i finisht a

distant 3rd in the bombastic category...

And i was out=gunned @ all turns...

The EDITORS have once again sent me

the letter. This [that?] is the third time

i have been considered for the Penta=Glows.

(Top 5 Aol Journals...where Glows are

journals & penta means five~obvious to

some) Be still, my Heart! I know, I know,

it is sometimes difficult to discern the modes

and methods of the choices they make but

i still believe the Editors have noble intent,

often. And i personally have found some

great Glows thru the Penta=process.

Congratulate me if it happens; it pondres me

what theme will include me. OR them.


Don't you just love sleeping late when it

rains all day? I walkt very little yesterday and

my shoes are still damp. Let other people

curse the steady falling water from heaven;

i revel in a day=long downpour. I also enjoy

blizzards~~the Wide Knight is perverse in

regards to climatology. Ask any=one.


Yes~i have been following the DNC.

Some=how, i managed to catch both of the

Clinton speeches. Which one of them is

Running? Hillary's bright yellow suit was

less than Presidential---and when did she

manage to swipe Mama Bush's pearls?

Never mind, i'm not political. Edward

Kennedy had another good speech but

he tripped over some of the werds like

the person he pretends to despise. How

many ways are there to mis=pronounce

suburbs? Still~it's all a good show for the

country and the delegates. GET ME NOT

WRONG! I love the democrats. And i

will continue to follow the process because,

I Vote! November is not far away.


Enuf of that^. Controversy does not cling

to me. Especially on rainy days. Plus+

I've got to think of an entry for tomorrow

which might keep me in the PentaGlows.

OR, better still, posit with gentle skill and

eloquence on immediate matters which

will entertain my fan=base. OH! you know~

All the gorgeous feminine up=grown

creatures who insist i remain Honest, Humble

and spicy Hot. With occasional pictures and

discardable wisdom. Thereafter & Today,

it's a fair burden/bargain. Trade me but

don't fade me~ aspiringly pentabulous,

the slack



onestrangecat said...

Congrats on being a editor's pick.


onestrangecat said...

love your paintings.  can I use some in my journal?  i will tell everyone they are your art work.


cneinhorn said...

hey.....congrats on being editors pick...........from a distant pick of the week........not shabby slac!

babyshark28 said...

Trade me~ don't Fade me!!  LOL!  too funny.  you are a most interesting read, I smile the whole time your words touch my eyes. <--yeah, it don't hurt a bit. :p

deabler3 said...

slac, that`s a good question...what theme will they put you in?
Your paintings are great!

karynwiththewhy said...

JUST don't SELL out, dude. Art is art until its been corporate backed to sell something. If I start to see Nike Swooshes and Scion ads around here, I will personally drive to your neck of the woods to flog you.

How to tell you have been doing too much journalling?? You wake up from a dream, sweaty and panicked, in which you had posted a comment & then reviewed it and it was riddled with spelling errors. I ACTUALLY had that happen last night!!

I am very afraid. Again, don't sell out.

~ Karyn

my78novata said...

Congrats glad to be in the top five with you this week. Its an honor. Lori

floralilia said...

succulent rainy weather wisdom...

congrats on getting....*the letter*...

let's see if the editors know what they're doing this time..

deabvt said...

Slacster!!!!!   E D I T O R ~ S   P I C K   # 3  !!
slacalicious, and so well earned!   Yea!!!!!!!

sasonalmah said...

Congratulations!  You made it!!!!!  My mom is right there with you!  She is #4!!!!!!!!!


haikulike said...

hell with humble!

this very day is your journal birthday, I have recalled---so even more than the hootin' and hollerin' about penta-betting-- i do light a candle-torch to wish TheLog many happy returns!

almost at the stroke of midnight, too!
swiped the portrait already, which preceded the squalling infant 1st entry.


a2002v2002 said...

Congrats for being Editor's #3 pick!  Ann


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