Friday, July 9, 2004


Title: Tempis Fugit


Mood: Shy


Listening to: my inner Donna



Thot: "there is a profound

difference between Nobility &



Friday, 09 July, 2004 Already!?

I must begin again to give extra

precedence to my entries over

other Web-Bouncing. Difficult

tho it may be. Like the T=shirt

says,"It is all about me".


I am caught up, however, on my

'ku & my 'kat & my flo=nuggets~

OH! And the long & arduous life

of the never-shunned Kayy...

[and if you can't get to those

sites from here, you are even more

dopplic than myself] The only

thing i am not of total apprisal is

the multifluous ANNIVERSERAL

proliferati. OR, in english,

"Holy Crud! They sho is a mess of

Glowers posting they hearts out on

this here one=year thang!"

Pardon the vernacular invectif.


Meanwhile & else, Vince has been

kind enuf 2 send me much schtuff

over the e=mail, including firewerks

and a handwritten page of the late

Anthony Burgess. [he wrote


other things---in fact, he wrote five

novels in five years becos his doctor

told him he had a brain tumour and

had that much time to live. Turned

out the doctor was wrong.] The

Fence=Man is anothre story. Either

his entire haus is under construction

or He has truly begun writing the next

Great Novel. Perhaps both.

Less=the=Never, this papal chihuahua

misses the allegorical animals which

populate the mind of Hans. But we

love him still, even if that pizza eating

monster hangs around his Glow for

another month. Tell him i said 'so'.


Blighters' Rock? Not me---often i

write jernals so well & so long that i

just repeat myself over & over like

F. Scott Fitzgerald. Saving the good

schtuff so much for the next day that

i just repeat myself over & over like...

CRUD! Didn't i just say that?

I am just so glad i have Editors like

Flo & Mumsy & Kat & Kayy & Vince &

Hans & Muse & such that i just repeat

myself over and over like~~hmm

Must be Anniversaral déja-vu.

Still, {be still}, for a REAL PARTY just

hit my 'bonks 2 this entry' for long and

internecine Commentary [which nearly

always exceeds the TEXT]. *Sigh*

My burden, my yoke, my Cross~

Let the unrelenting belovedness begin>

that crasy Slack, our only Captain Wide

* ~Author~


floralilia said...

slac - you are hysterical.

and "dopplic" isn't in the dictionary - i looked.

floralilia said...

and those piksures are the absolute best!

deabvt said...

Wyatt is beautiful!...Nobility & Nubility live together, in a certain Siberian repatriot, nee chess player.

wildflower121764 said...

Hiya Captain Wide! You sure are glowing in this one! :)

karynetaylor said...

(motel receipts duly burned. Fond memories cannot be tampered with!)

I thought I wanted a kitty, but I think I want Wyatt. He is such a ham, look at that pose for the camera! Good thing I will be spending time with all 9 of ny nephews and nieces before the month is out ... I am missing them all ....

Squeeze that little Wyatt for me & have a great weekend, Sir Captain Wide of Slacastalonia.....

slacbacmac said...

hmmm~~dopplic NOT in the dictionary, you say.
I've been using the werd for years 2 mean
slow of brain, dull of mind.  And clumsy
[Hane brang us that werd from the South]
YEAH~Wyatt is all the cute.  Not close enuf to
hug but a great kid.  His dad was much the same.
Kayy:  did you burn all the receipts??

karynetaylor said...

almost all of them ...

hrmore1956 said...

Less=the=Never, this papal chihuahua

misses the allegorical animals which

populate the mind of Hans.

Oh ye mighty papal chihuahua, Hans is very touched by your kind words, as are his animals. (Speaking in third person, Catholic and male, Hans eyes the Papacy.)


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