Tuesday, July 13, 2004


Title: deluge


Mood: less soggy than yesterday


Noise: tapping fingres


Thot: "The Inter=Web is a place

where you can go to get IMPed

while trying to concentrate on

other schtuff."


To say that it rained yesterday

would be understatement. It

was a frog=choker! The Slack

shack was drippy~my shoes and

sox never did dry out. Customers

stayed away in droves. {?}

I mean it was wet, man.

[end of weather report]


The Torch i painted Sunday

has turned up on at least three

sites. [and that's becos i e=mailed

it to like 8 Glowers.] My torch is

especial of the fact that i included

an arm holding it. Adds a human

dimension to the process of making

art for the Anniversary. Other torches

are circling the globe @ breakneck

speed. If only Peace, Love &

Understanding travelled just as fast.

[end of Editorial]


The more i ride the bus, the better my

car behaves. NO! It's true! I think the

green=ghost is developing a complex

regarding my occasional use of public

transportation. She actually runs farther

and better knowing that, on any given

day, her pilot could elect to simply jump

on a people=mover and interact with

real humans. [this is going somewhere]

AND she also gets the periodic rest from

someone who drives like Jim Rockford.

That is, and as well, Nothing sweet=talks

an old automobile like sitting in a garage

for 36 hours. Tap, tap, VROOM!

[end of consumer report: "How to Get

Your Classic Boat to Act like a SUV"]


Who in the Hash of Hudson Leick is

Jim Rockford? And what will Sherman

Hemsley do now that Isabel Sanford is

gone? Blessings on the actress who was

Louise Jefferson---i already miss her.


And that's nearly all the news that's fit

to Slack. [filosofical ponderance: how long

did it take me to arrife @ that line?]

Never mind, it be yust a jernal...



sunflowerkat321 said...

That WAS some rain yesterday wasn't it.  Glad you didn't float away...I thought I might.  I LOVE your torch.  I'm planning to post it in the about me section...just haven't gotten to it YET!

onestrangecat said...

sorry about the rain.
love the torch.
car is feeling lonely.
love jim rockford.


z7snowflake said...

I'm gonna be using ur torch in my journal soon...so watch out for it. :)

karynetaylor said...

and here's yet another promise from a girlie girl,
whether it be sincere or not, I'll give it a whirl
your flame=version will burn bright at my site soon...
a consuming (get it?) entry to honor journals and YOU!

                  ~ Karyn of IWannaPaintLikeSlac, Georgia

karynetaylor said...

[AMSWERING MACHINE MESSAGE]: "Jim, I have finally finished
twelve long years of pyschotherapy and I'm now able to tell you
just what I think of you. Would you please call me?"
                                        (from "The Gang At Don's Drive-In")

deabvt said...

slac, your Paintings just keep getting better! Ceriasly!!!

slacbacmac said...

Appreciata all=to>>
The rain won't extinguish my torch...
Yet~Holy crud, there's so much to do!
lata 4 sure  ~Author

ondinemonet said...

Dearest Mack

                    The torch will remain in my personal "Gallery of the Exceptional." You were one of my earliest visitors and appreciated for the comments left. Sometimes it rains here too...even in the sun...Microclimates manifest. I miss "Weezy" also, seemed like one of my childhood friends. P/L/U has a chance. Don't mourn that thought, and thank you for reminding me not to either. Glad you like my name...some complain. Be well and of good cheer.

                    Carly :)

ckays1967 said...

Slac...may I hold your torch?

hrmore1956 said...

I was so sad to hear about Isabel Sanford. I loved Weezy (sp?).


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