Friday, July 23, 2004


Title: i'll take the Bronze


Mood: shunny & bumpy


Music: Aerosmith


Thot: "it is an honour to be considered.

Winning is just gravy."


It effaces/ephases me Especial that the

contest proceeds apace, according to a

certain wish i made that megalomania

should tie itself up into a dead heat.

We are all winners...not whiners.

Mean=while, i must stop buying the brass

lamps @ the garage sales.


The day was drippy. The car travelled

roundly & admirably. I hear that Toni &

Todd are hobbling around well and fully.

They are nobly approaching the midpoint

of Recovery. And, there is no bad news

in any other sector. {It is an old Greek

filosofy to wake in the werld believing

that one awful thing may happen.}

Altho~i sincerely mourn the passing of

Jerry Goldsmith; his musical talent is

a thematic back=ground 2 many lives.


Goshen! There's a lot of traffic all over

the Glow=land. Kayy was bumpt & shunned

again---and i posited her brief comfort.

It's not like she won't werk around all the

block=roads thrown up against her!

Would that i had the talent 2 post the

especial drama & concatenations of real

life. Evybody else [mumsy, vince, ayn,

my thousand cathies, et alia ad infinitae]

is running the Anniverserality to the Very

limits of Postable Pro=scription!

Amazement all=to! It is a good thing.

Well=begun^ this Party that may very well

end up on Jay's lawn. {OR in confluences

None of us have foreseen.} Thereyago


Captain Wide promises a wild ride...

[read the deep] IMP me but don't Pimp me.

I embrace the 3rd place finish in this

Elexn year. Readya as i bounce~slack


cneinhorn said...

Congrats on your nomination!  Dont' think I won in my catagories either, but at this point a bronze would be nice.

Love your "Grandiose" Journal :-)

rrveh1 said...

Cool Art Torch!... :)
Beautiful bride!!

karynwiththewhy said...

Dude, MY man, Oh SlacBaby,

You are mistreating the torch I gave you. It is not meant to be caged and still.

When I get back in town, I am going to lovingly teach you how to insert a graphic into the body of your entry. One that will wiggle and bounce with pride, happy to grace the home of Captain Wide.

I am off to pack, stress, eat late and bad, get not enough sleep, live a wild and arduous journey only so that I may come back and share the joy with my readers ... ha! How does anyone know I'm not just making all that crap up??

~ Yours forever and ever,


merelyp said...

Hey, mcCloud-- Karyn and I may meet in a town twixt us in TWO (2) days.  I may scratch her eyes out.

In the mail will come my itinerary.... I am hoping Kat will take the foto from a tripod.  Flo might not get to come yer way--I might have to go to her poetic Irish Castle environs.

I meet Christina even afore the reconfluence!  Jes' call me Tink.

All else has gone to hell.

deabvt said...

I`m so happy to hear of Toni & Todd.
Kayy on a road trip without slac?

slacbacmac said...

Appreciata all=to!
We are begun...
{the Road will never be the same}

haikulike said...

Karyyyyyn & I didn't get to meet after all.  Another time when she is in the area-- or I in hers!  
Not a skunk, the dark=horse.  flimflammerer filosofical: always the horse of a different color.


floralilia said...

someone had to tame the wild purple sequined year - i forsee you the winner of the slacadelic award...

non?  allthou I am tutu glad that we rode side by side my first knight...

wildflower121764 said...



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