Friday, May 28, 2004


I lookt up Akira Kurusawa and

found out he was Japan's

premier filmmaker. Most

notably he directed The Seven

Samurai [which was later made

into the famous American

Western, The Magnificent

Seven]. Aside from Horst

Buchholtz & Brad Dexter, can

any=one name the five

remaining stars of that Western?

[Hint: only one of the original

cowboys is alive today]. It's

not really an Assignment.


Cherry Tomatoes! Hane must

have the cherry tomatoes! She

is all on the salad kick. And

personal sized frozen pizza.

That^ is the great grandma

food craving date=up.


The pentaGlows this week have

featured semi-professional

movie reviewers. Pretty good

all=to. [The last movie i saw

in the theatre was Star Trek:

Generations~~i have so got to

go to the video store and get

some videocassettes.] But

meanwhile, thank gosh for cable.


I wondre where Thelma & Louise

are at...right now. Cruising back

to the big windy, i suspect. Flo

informs me that she and her kids

were dancing to the CD i gave her.

That is hard for me to visualise;

I don't dance to my own music.

{i know~i walk to my own drum

machine} And i can also whistle

chromatically. There ya go.


HEY! Holy crud! Mr. Kurt Vonnegut

was in the environs this past

Monday and i failed to see him!

[i was @ werk] He is one of my

heroes. Some=day, some=how

we should bump into each other.

The slackster can have a small

hope like that, n'est ├že pas?


It is the weathre which is good,

currently. And there are no ugly

bugs in my backyard...yet. They

would be the Brood X cicadas

for those of you who follo such

occurrences. But i hear they are

out in force round these parts.

{That^ would be the weather


Sports> Flyers do not win the

Stanley Cup; maybe next year.

We can only believe that Smarty

Jones, the horse, will make Bucks

County proud next Saturday.

But i'm not the one to jinx his

third race. GO Phillies. And

Mets & Yankees...[Hi, Rocky!]


Poison Ivy? I cultivate it for the

itching. ALWAYS duct=tape your

wrists when pulling. And wash

with laundry soap.

{Eclecticism? Captain Vide

inwented it.} Or so says Mister

Chekhov. OK, already! You

can have Steve McQueen and

James Colburn. [James Garner

was not one of the Magnificent

Seven.] flip on the flip and i will

bounce currently: slacbac


slacbacmac said...

[Advance notice about Answers:]
Eli Wallach was the Villain!  And there=for
not one of the Magnificent ones~~but of
gourse, you already know This.

deabvt said...

Slacker, easy.... Yul brynner, Charles Bronson, Robert vaughn, James Coburn, and, of course, the GREAT Steve Mc Queen!!

deabvt said...

slac, gander at rashomon, incident looked at by several different perspectives!
Really a great Movie!   1950!, I think!

merelyp said...

Vince, I was gonna say that!  Rashomon should be what Kurusawa is most remembered for-- or too Ran.  He a great film-maker-- and don't you think there should have been one for the gallant glowers to the Ritz Ice Cream Social?  So much fun we had!  It felt silly ending, I think?  
But was with promised returns...
and with BabyMae and Mumsy (T & L) vowing to ride off in a different sunlit direction in pursuit of other glowfaces.  (not stalkers, talkers...).
Slac, thanks so much for arranging the meeting of our minds & hearts!

slacbacmac said...

[drat: i knew i misspelled Coburn]
And yeah, i think maybe some of the patrons
at the Restaurant/Ice Cream Parlour could
have used 'sub=titles'

aynetal3 said...

Looking for the switch, hmm, he's put it high next to the circulating fan.  hmmm.

slacbacmac said...

AND that~is how i lost This fingre
[it's^ a fambly joke]


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