Tuesday, May 25, 2004




Today's especial psychic quiz goes

like this: If you could sit down

with Captain Wide at a diner and

order any type of ice cream,

what flavour would you be?


I will now attempt to make a few

predictions about three of my

reliable reader=glowers...

[mystical music, incense...]

fog lifting~answers coming

BabyMae: french vanilla

ooh la la

Dancer: chocolate nut fudge

not indulgent at all

Floralillia: plain vanilla

the queen adds,

"If they can screw up regular

vanilla, it's not a good diner."


coming out of trance...

why am i grinning?

And what does this have to

do with filosofy?


Sometimes a road=trip is

just a road=trip.



floralilia said...

you win. you posted first.

and yes, we...are...met - well and finally....big grin...

amazing, eh?

chocolate homemade ritz ice cream suits you well, el capitan.

deabvt said...

Awwwww!!!   I`m So Glad !    The four of you!

slacbacmac said...

NO! you win flo...i was on foot and you had
all the drifing.  it was a major blast!
Next time, we'll do it up right alltogethre.
WITH Vince>              smooches

karynetaylor said...

Mine would be egg custard ... the forgotten, left out, neglected flavor.

Just kidding. But here, I take a break from my vacay to see what's going on with Captain Wide and I see I am nowhere on his mind. ah well, such is life. Must just focus on husband, married 1 year and 1 day now. Woo hoo.

Flavor? for me? If anyone should ask? that's easy. Nutty Coconut.

~ Karyn

hyjeanne11 said...

No doubt, the first think that popped into my head is the one I am standing by:  Pistacio.  Slightly unusual, a little old-school (pudding flavor from the 60s maybe??), predictably nutty, a hint of green (symbolizing being alive) and quite refreshing.  :)  Jeanne

sasonalmah said...

hmmm......I think that I would have to be a black cherry cordial!  YUMMMMM!!!!!


merelyp said...

Tooooo MUCH FUN!!!!!  We send french vanilla and brownie fudge smooches all the way across the valley!
Vince was a dork.
We must do this again, and again, and again....

Thelma and Louise,
who haven't yet spotted Brad Pitt, drifter.  Might see him tonight on the silver screen with a skirt on.  (Brad, not us.)

slacbacmac said...

Kayy:  You are always on my Mind. [Willie Nelson?]
Tracy:  They don't make Black Cherry but i'll make
a request.  Vince: next time, you're Buying! And you
are not a dork.  Thelma/Louise: Imagine Brad astride
a plastic electric Motorcycle...over=more, we all
decided your trip was more like RAINMAN, didn't we?
Smooches, much info abof^   appreciata

aynetal3 said...

I like a good brandy alexander myself :) we have others say that butterbrickle rocks.  Quite a few agreerers that Vanilla IS the only choice, and one or two that favor chocolate and chocolate and chocolate and with brownies I might add!  Most importantly is to "shake it smoooooth!"  

Did we tell you that we have a long time LOVE relationship with Dustin Hoffman?  This doesn't interferre with quirkier thoughts of meeting behind the Lilacs? Drat ... all those other women!  And, a few of them even in our own sheep's clothing!


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