Monday, May 3, 2004


Title: The drippy drippy dé...

I have the two minds of the rain;

Like a cat i deplore getting wet.

But like a dour filosofer, i admire

when the weathre matches my

mood. That is, i don't like it to

be sunny all de time. It

complacents [?] the natural

mind...or somesuch.


Toni is at home under much

supervision; Todd is cranky

because he is tubular. He very

much wants to be disconnected

from the paraphernalia which is

at once uncomfortable and yet

necessary. At least the big G

is doing the part of providing

major & minor miracles for them

both. Long road...


On the good news: the wedding

of Annie & Matt is proceeding

anonce and taking on a life of its

Own [like all weddings do].

Planning, planning, planning;

talking, reserving, gelling.

It looks, currently, to have the

makings of one of the grandest

parties our collectif Famblies have

ever witnessed. Blessings and

Progress all=to... And more

schtuff as the actual day arrives.


On the webwerld~~just when some

storms are subsiding, other squalls

pop up. I refer to the so=called

sassy virus. I hope to stay far away

from it, currently. But my political

message to the private contractors

who created the bug and to the bad

characters who are abusing their

Authority in the sandbox is identical:

Cut the Crap! You get no points

from Captain Wide or any of his myriad

followers for behaving like third grade

ignorant bullies. There are enough real

problems for Angels & Avatars to

handle without you A=frames stirring

up the collectif shunky. And that goes

for actual terrorists as well. Consider

yourselves Warned.


{oops---gotta watch the vagaries for the

sake of all the good kids^}

It's the weather, the leading news &

the lesson of the day. Oh! Yeah~~

where are my space=poets?

Never mind, i will accept all grand

and glorious Visitations as they come

in... we'll Paint, we'll Pote, we'll Posit

and we will ponder=ificate. Hey, it's a

Mitzvah. Thus it was and so,

{who fixt my wideness?} 1slack>



babymae1966 said...

Your journal is such fun! I'm also praying to the ones that be that my infernal machine be not infected!

wildflower121764 said...

Hey Slack, it's good to hear your friends are doing better. Thanks for the smile I get when I come here. ~V

deabvt said... complacents [?] the natural......  Great!!
Yeaaaa for toni and todd!!!!

slacbacmac said...

Do i love my Visitories Especial?
of gourse!  And smooch them each
in turn~~more & better 'morro^

merelyp said...

Your glow lost girth!  (was gonna say weight, but your werds weigh so heavily on our ponderific minds...)  'Twas drippy here in midwestern soyfields, as well.  Tomorrow and tomorrow there shall be heat, sayeth the meteor-man.  Of this I am glad.  I am still werking on space cadet pout.  patience!  Am glad to hear the patients (see how I did that homonym thing?) are traveling down the road to recovery.  I enjoyed your rendition of Yvette on the FencePost.
~~undiscovered dancer

sunflowerkat321 said...

I appreciate your glorious visitation to my journal world.  It is a Mitzvah!

karynetaylor said...

flower, flower, flora
I need a new screen name.


~ Karyn

aynetal3 said...

From the win=dom of gangster cile=idom we wishdert to blow ur=way gustyness to push them clouds of gloom to a sea of the placidnessy of complacency.  Our love

ckays1967 said...

slac a rac a bac a mac !!!!!!!

the trip=tell was tasty....mind's eye thinks=slac like.  An issue if only my mouth follows up/2.

O love the werds.

O worshiping the grand G too for Toni and Todd

{averting eyes from masked vulgar-tites.}

hugs and blessings

floralilia said...

the green queen is back, albeit temporarily.

between spewing, she is reading, but commenting infrequently...weakness resides.

glad to see that captain widepants gained control over his girth -

sasonalmah said...

Hiya there!  I just wanted to let you know that I added you to my other journals section in my journal!  I have been meaning to for a while!


musenla said...

Glad to hear of the good Toni and Todd updates.

A wedding, wheee. Celebration galore.  Best wishes to Annie and Matt!

Yes, the Slac has spoken.  Cut the crap, all you little brats!


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