Saturday, May 8, 2004


Title: Flowers for All...


IT is the Mother of all days.

It's Mothers' day. Could i

possibly posit a message which

would glorify & celebrate the

Eternal essence of woman=hood?

I don't think so. Birth is at once

ordinary & Miraculous. And yet,

None of us can remember or

recall a single event in brief life

so Personal and efficacious to

continuous Existence~~more

over, what woman comes to

this cathedral not knowing that

life thus engendered is brief &

precious, followed strangely by

the Mystery that every thing

born & bourne...must perish

some=day @ last? To birth of

dying, or to die eventually in

the presence of grown yet

Memorable children!?! OH!

Faint & special mystery which

Men by their nature must endure

and attempt to ignore. The baby

is our spawn, the wife and mother

Our superific Companions...

[without which Our existence is

neither True nor Understandable]

And so, when we talk of Motherly

love, natural men are slight

Understanders of the Grace &

magnitude which surrounds them!

These are my Blessings on all the

Mothers who have ever been:

As G is our invention, we wouldn't

exist without the Bearers of Life;

Or else, We should have to invent

HER. Happy Mothers' Day to all

these grand Angels of Life.


Celebrate that^ without

equivocation! Mercies as well on

the children who have departed

their Mothers before their time--

In War, in violence, in sudden

departure by accident or Acts

of man or G-d. Pray that all

should be reconciled &

justified & rejoined in that

brighter werld Here=after.

Remember, remember~~in spite

of Ourselves, we are all travelling

in the same Direction.


And speaking of sappy: Yes,

i was one of the Billions of

people who watcht the finale

of Friends. The strange and

ironic part is I never watcht

a single episode end to end

while it was on~~I just didn't

get it. Just not my cup of

mocha i guess. OH, well.

Plenty of other junk to watch

said Captain Wide... lata


louf48 said...

If a man speaks at sea and there is no woman around he still wrong?

wildflower121764 said...

Thank you, Slack. You have a wonderful heart. :)

floralilia said...

to answer your question lou - yes.

floralilia said...

sir slacster the eloquent - you have made this queen proud and teary.

thank you for being my first unexpected delight this early morn...

floralilia said...

oh, and - regarding the "Friends" farewell observation - i did the same exact thing.

....must be something in the water round these hills....

aynetal3 said...

Excellent points be=sparkle you today!  This is in posit of the eternal wish to have seats=toilet left assuming of the correct position.  That spoken would be, of corse the ordinary ... be that as it may ... I say as a giverer-of-life, the blessing still falls to one's sons and daughters, for be it not of them, we woman beholden of mysteriousness and beauty would hardly an excuse to become givers=care, or at least fairly so, because the man next to us at the dinner table is resistive of gentle swabs having made an amuck of chin!  And, also ... think what a suprise it would be to deliver and find the tummy had engaged us foolishly and were born only a tiny kitten!  Now ... wouldn't that be the real tragedy??

ckays1967 said...

rac slac.....the mostly beautimus and grand werds ever writ exposed to the Light!!!!

Yeah Slac ~ ordinAiry and grand.....juxtapostion exemplified.

deabvt said...

Funny, Slac, that I should follow Chris.....The two of you produced the most Wondrous of Greetings!....

slacbacmac said...

{the Comments nearly exceed the text}
Twas ever thus...  ~Author

karynetaylor said...

Your wisdom remains unparalleled by your slacspeak, but point(s) translated and taken.

"Friends"? My favorite, with Lindsey, I hate to admit, and have had to on numerous occasions say that we do not think the pre-marital sex topic needs to be so prevalent to get a laugh, but the rest of it funny anyway.

~ Karyn

babymae1966 said...

Your eloquence is astounding...grand angel of interpreter that you are. Happy Thoughts to you in appreciation on this Mother's Day!

musenla said...

Perfect eloquence should be left alone to speak for itself.  Bravi, my pentaglow friend.

I too saw the last Friends episode.  Was never a big fan, either.

hrmore1956 said...

Your tribute to Moms everywhere is a fitting one. I applaud you. Moms are special.
And about the Friends finale, I taped it and watched it too, although I've only seen between five and ten Friends shows in the last ten years. Frasier's next, and I've seen that one more, but I think I'll give the last one a miss. Last episodes are depressing.

merelyp said...

You may have been wondering where I have been hiding... or if my house crashed on some black & white polyurethane legs, causing them to curl up and disappear.  Not so.  some bug has choked my phone and/or InfernalMachine.  So I drove the 6 minutes to school tonight--though I am finis!--just to tell you hi, thanks for the flowers.


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