Tuesday, May 18, 2004


Title: Swapping Stories


One of the great things about having a

big fambly get=together [aside from all

the travelling, dancing & whatnot], is that

evybody gets to share their favourite

collectif stories again with the assembled

company. Anne & Matt's Wedding was

no exception to this rule. Hane and i had

many hours on the road with Dan & Eva

to revisit their childhood stories of the

original Maisie [Hane's Mom] as well as

other shared experiences. And Aunt Eva

was effusif with incidents from her bright

life. She is well joined to our Fambly

and more=over, she drives a mean Buick



Dan's dafter, Janice, enlightened us with

her stories as well~~especially a well acted

rendition of my sister May's visit to a zoo

at which her boys were exposed to some

amourous giraffes. The story was new to

me and i had trouble imagining my sister

trying to protect her baby boys from the

perfectly natural zoological behaviour.


Kay [my other sister] and Harry also had

much to contribute in the way of stories.

And seeing as i travelled with them in the

area of Albany, we also made some new

experiences to recollect @ a later time.

{Hey! Harry~remember when we fit six

people into a Beemer?!}


There were 5 of us siblings alltogether at

this event, and that's a rare thing by

itself. In fact, the last time it happened

was at the Capsizer's wedding in Texas.

Only~this time~we had the Matriarch

along as well. Talk about a foto=op!

Meanwhile, the story we reconstructed

briefly was about the time the Father of

the Bride [Jac] was a young Marine and

retrieved some tennis balls from the

roof of the Funeral Home and jumpt

across a great 2nd floor divide into

the waiting hands of his two boyish

brothers [me & Jimmy]. Hane still

hasn't heard this one...it was both

perilous & dangerous. Never mind---

we survived that incident and grew up

long enuf to celebrate Anne's Nuptials.


I could go on~~yet i missed as many

stories as i heard. Like all the schtuff

Rose [Mother of the Bride] and her

siblings share collectively when they

get together. OR, the multitudinous

tales of cousinly adventures that only

Annie & the Lizard share with their

related Contemporaries. Not that we

wouldn't equally enjoy the next set of

generational stories...we are only

separated by time and periodic

deafness. Did i mention that the

event itself will naturally and surely

produce new & interesting observations

which become the schtuff of Legend?

{Of gourse, 'Twas ever thus}


Speaking of Recovery:

Toni is still at home with round the

clock familial nursing; Todd is still at

the hospital on a step=down from

critical. It's a Mitzvah currently that he

is eating Jello [brand=name] and taking

liquids on his own; some of his wounds

are taking sweet time to heal and for

Him, it is simply the middle road of

total recovery. So~if you are of the

blessed mind to Pray hard for them, as

well as the many Troops in the field

and their worried families, go to it.

My candles are already lit for all---

it's just a thing i do.


Godspeed & Good stories until True

Peace comes to our Werld~~ slac


slacbacmac said...

hmmm---it shouldn't really read like potery^
i'll fix it eventual...[some of my friends are now
reading Wide~what's up wit dat?]  Progress!
Potery! Pictures Eventual!  Glow mit stories...

deabvt said...

Slac, I don`t think I`ve ever taken enough time to tell you how much I enjoy your entries. There`s just so much warmth & intelligence here! {need I say wit?}
Of course, my prayers continue for Toni & Todd.....What a long road they`ve been forced to travel.
Sounds like a grate Fambly you hav their!!

slacbacmac said...

Appreciata V!
{yes, you should say Wit}
Intelligence?  Of gourse~
my brain is peculiarly Large.

merelyp said...

Speaking of photo ops?  where are they?

floralilia said...

swapping fambly stories is almost as good as swapping spit with a familiar loved one...and foto=ops only add icing to the cake...

glad that toni and todd are making their way down the long road to recovery, mine candles are lit, and my prayers are sent out to them..

hrmore1956 said...

I want photos!!! Sounds like you had a nice time, Mac. Maybe the whole fambly should go to a beach house somewhere this summer and spend two weeks making more memories. Glad to hear Todd is coming along. Sad, though, that the injuries were so bad that he's only halfway out of the hospital. Prayers for all, young and old.

slacbacmac said...

Patience!  I did not even bring an Instamatic to
this event~~There=for, i can only Posit those
fotoes which arrive at me, eventual.
And i still need a scanner...hmm

karynetaylor said...

Stopping by, I check on Captain Wide
Enjoying Chicago but still want to cry
So loved this city, loved my life
Now I'm a Georgian & someone's wife.


slacbacmac said...

Potery in Comments!  what will happen next?
Thanks, Kayy~~blessings & mercies...
I'm kidding about your great pote>
Keep it up, it's a mitzvah.

ckays1967 said...

I am pleased to hear about Todd and Toni and will continue the prayers.....

But, I really stumbled on the breeding Giraffe image.

Now life is complete.


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