Wednesday, May 26, 2004


Confluence, part Two.

It was the hottest darn day of the

year and here we were travelling

in a station wagon with no Air


Oh! Wait! That's the story of

every vacation i took as a child.

All=right, half the vacations.

{Start again}

I was sitting on a park bench

outside the local Barbecue joint

waiting for Dancer & her dafter.

They had trouble finding the place

becos i hadn't really sent them good

instructions. OR rather, i hadn't

sent them any instruxions at all!

Very bad on me as the host of such

a grand confluence. Less=the=never

i knew their car when it pulled into

the parking lot & they knew me just

by looking. We sat together under

a large umbrella waiting also for the

Queen of Pointlessness---and talkt

a blue streak at each other. (there

is something Exceptional about

having a real live conversation with

peoples you have simply met has the cachet of

Celebrity without the awkwardness

of speaking to total strangers.)

Dancer talkt the Queen to our

location via cell=fone [which i do

not advise or endorse]. At which point

the reader may ask,"did all this really

happen?" To which i reply,"Could

i make this up, Hans?"

{start again} They were four geeks

bearing gifts. Four differentiated

individuals coming togethre on a whim,

flying in the collectif faces of the noon

time crowd. The bright sunshine belied

their hidden agendas; for it was a

neoclassical clash of Humanity with

Technology. Who was real and what

would they say? Would there truly be

a cat=fight over the tall & elegant

Captain Wide? And where was Vince,

the legendary and loquacious ART

HISTORY vampire?? Crud! That was

an episode of Buffy meets Xena!


{especial restart:}

We ain't stalkers, we're just talkers.

Only the digital pictures can tell the

real story. It was the hugs & the

smooches, the over=riding lafter.

WE finisht our barbecue and ice cream

lunch, and a lovely couple at the next

table stoppt us on the way to the

cashier~~"I've never heard so much

laughter in one place recently...", the

wife said. I told her without much irony,

"We've all just met." The husband

added information about their age

difference [5 years]. I asked him,"What

took you so long to propose?" The

wife chimed in,"He was in the War..."

{God bless all the Veterans} That

couple has 50 years together and they

were extraordinary Witnesses to the

confluence of Glowers. Mumsy, Mae,

Flo & the Slac took in the nearly

vacant environs of the faer=grounds,

posed for digital images and rode off

in all directions. The man in the blue

car with the dog did not quite notice

History in the Making. But he was

pleasant enough. 'Twas ever thus.


Did it happen? OR, was it all a dreme?

Define your terms. [starting with 'it']

All i know for sure is that, if Mumsy &

Floralillia tell you that they're coming to

meet you, these girls are the serious and

there is no place to hide. And why would

you hide any=way? The love, the lafter,

the earnestness will wash over you like

a tide of horse=shoe crabs. OR maybe

brood X cicadas. Trust me~~i was there.


5/26/2004 What a difference a day makes

weatherwise. Yesterday was as b'ful a

day as any confluence could muster;

today was cold, grey & just plain blah.

It's raining now. Well, at least the water

should be good for my tomaters & such.

It was kinda spooky going back to werk

so soon after the ephemeral Visitation;

almost like they were two different days

in two different centuries or something.

And you thot ding-dang dell pooters

wouldn't alter consciousness. OR at

least i didn't think so... Any=way,

I'm off to check my e=mail for wedding

pictures [HINT*HINT] and other schtuff.

And take the Glow Road wherever &

whoever it leads me. Quote me but

don't Denote me~~El Capitan, widely


floralilia said...

sir slac the eloquent - i am once again, a fumbler for the proper words - of thanks and appreciation -  the recent memories and the lafter are not nearly faded but ring true and often in my royal head.  i almost wrecked the royal chariot three times while driving home - from paying more attention to the pictures and sounds in my head than the tail-lights in front of me. i still find myself laughing out loud..

the older couple was sweet to comment on our loud laughter, as were the others who turned around and smiled at us (yes, i noticed), as was the man who sat quietly in his car, while we blocked him in while taking pics...what loverly people (besides the most especial and endearing glowers) i was witness to in A-town.

..." The love, the lafter,

the earnestness will wash over you like

a tide of horse=shoe crabs. OR maybe

brood X cicadas. Trust me~~i was there."

                                                               ditto. i was there too.

slacbacmac said...

Thus, we are Joined!
The comment exceeds the text!
{and picstures will flesh it out}
Imagine it happens every=where...
~~such simple filosfy>  lata

deabvt said...

Sounds like Akira Kurusawa!  What a grand time no matter what the slant!...and you took them all on a Southern trip!!

bunnv said...

Glad your reunion was a success!! I see how it could be hard to tell that whether or not you're meeting someone for the first time when you've known them already.  

slacbacmac said...

Vince, babe: you Had to be there
Akira Kumusawa might have made a movie
called,"My Three Geishas"  And i could not
improve on that.   *bunv*~it's not a  Re=union
if Glowers meet @ first.  It is a CONFLUENCE!
[Ask anybody]  less-the-never, i will check you

karynetaylor said...

dare tell us state & city?

merelyp said...

I love (and promptly stole!) this pic!  My SlacArt Collection is getting the large and wide.  But this one would have to be the premiere!  
pssssttt, Karyn--I'll tell ya later.  And I want you to know that Flo and I hardly spit or clawed at each other at all. I cannot wait to scan the cover of the boo-ful friendship book (COMPLETE WITH DOTS CANDY!!!) the Queen gave me.  So, so... us.  The BabyMae received one sort of more, you know,.... sweet 'n stuff.  And Slac's was FILOSOFICALLY INCLINED.  That pointless queen made a point or 2 in the drama queen's book.
Slac asked where we were yesterday whilst he wrote Cherry or Cheery, I misread.
ON THE ROAD AGAIN!  The drive took 15 hours on the way there, 13 on the way back.  possibly because we didn't talk our way 65 miles past an exit on the return trip.  

aynetal3 said...

Hmm, well wonder how minds will now course alter now that these fortunate minds have been confluenced?  Hardly may we doubt that God children will now not be re=named as chort and chuckle ... I see joint Christmases in the lost Bermuda and skiing in the Alps.  Most likely birds will whisper instead of chirp, and the Mississippi flow cross country sideways.  Yes, it is a mighty sword that's crossed over and not chipped halos.  The world seems different now, better, brighter, and well certainly more likely to free snow in summer.  Hmm, it seems we've wondered strayedly more off the track=beaten.  I shade of envy, perhaps.  *Sigh*

slacbacmac said...

FLASH!  Commentators exceed Author yet
Again~~with equally better filosofy as well!
{deep readers welcome}  ~~Author

hrmore1956 said...

Hans and the animals are so excited all of you got to meet! Yeah!!!

babyshark28 said...

LOL, boy, your a fun read!  
sounds like a great time had by all.


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