Sunday, May 16, 2004


Title: Flight of the Navigator


Sunday, already? Hane & myself

have just completed the road

trip which took us to Annie's

[and Matt's] wedding in Albany.

This is one reason for the lapse

of Glowing. Hane's brother Dan

& his lovely wife Eva were kind

enuf to tote the two of us all

the way up there~~and miracle

of miracles! All the people that

the happy couple wanted to

attend this especial event made

it, one way or t'other. It is

rumoured that almost 200

people took advantage of the

hospitality offered by the West

Coast contingent [Rose & Jack,

parents of the Bride]...and the

Carr fambly, who provided the

lucky Groom. The Carr fambly

is local to the environs and

were expressly helpful in

providing a somewhat central

location at which all our sides

could attend. And altho i

personally only met a few of

the Groom's relatives and

friends, i am eternally grateful

for their presence & partici=



To say it was a wonderful

event all=together would be

a gross understatement.

It has to be one of the top

five Nuptials in my Fambly to

which it was my great Honour

to attend. [And, no, i will not

attempt to rank the remaining

four...] B'ful, Wondreful, B'ful

do not begin to describe.

But i will try to write more

about it as my travelling car

lag subsides. What a blast!

What a Party! What a Life!

Even Lou had a good time.


I don't know which is better...

Spending brief & heightened

Celebrations with all the

Loved ones @ once, OR

finally returning Home to

rest & recover from all the

sensory overload of such a

life=affirming Experience!

WE {evybody} will process it

each in our own fashion...


{It may be Remembered of

me that, I would go anywhere,

Do anything, move the Heaven

and earth to make such things

both happy & Inevitable}

But for right about Now and

presently, i have to take a Nap,

wash my body And return to

werk as i know it.

Blessings! on Anne & Matt and

their Fabulous union!


deabvt said...

Slac, sounds like a wonderful time!!

sunflowerkat321 said...

YES...Blessings on Anne and Matt!  There's nothing like sharing the joy of family and friends on such a happy occation.

musenla said...

Ahh, that's why I like weddings.  Not for the mushy reason that most think but because in so many instances it's a family reunion, where all the loved ones of the couple can share in their happiness and wishing them the best of futures.  What can be a better sendoff to marital life could there be?

Glad to hear you had a fantabulous time!  My best wishes to the newlyweds!

merelyp said...

you glow.

hrmore1956 said...

Glad to hear everyone had a great time. Wishing the bride and groom much happiness from my corner of the world. By the way, how are Toni and Todd?

carolhehe said...

Congrats to ne new bees. Weddings are such a good way to meet new people to let yourself (((( GLOW))) Lots of food and drink and new glows to meet

floralilia said...

congratulations to the newlyweds...many blessings upon their house..
always a great time to remeet old friends and fambly and ketchup on all the news and muse.


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