Wednesday, December 8, 2004


don't you just love a good spoof?


And Happy happy Joy joy to my Uncle

Terry...from all of us.


Anick Jesdanum writes in an article

about finding reliable information on

the Web:

...Adults who should know better

get duped, too.

Georgia Tech professor Colin

Potts said he recently received by

e-mail a photograph said to be a

1954 projection of what a home

computer would look like in 2004.

Instead of the small boxes we know

of today, the image shows a giant

contraption that resembles an air-

plane cockpit with a large steering


...Potts said,"...I also forwarded it to

several people. Unfortunately, as

another colleague informed me by

e-mail a few minutes later, it's a


It pondered me much when i borrowed

the image later that the RAND corporation

would have such a large Television. OR

that a 1954 'computer' would require a

double steering=wheel from a yacht.

Today~i reread the caption and found a

glaring error: "...created this model to

illustrate how a 'home computer' could look

like in the year 2004..'" I mean, really...

There were no proof=readers at Science

magazines in nineteen-fifty-four??

Make your own best corrections^

NB: the term, home computer is a modern

one, unimagined by the pulp writers of

that Age. Sputnik!


Who names their baby, "Anick"?

Never mind~the picture in offense is

included. AND to the spoofdahs who

perpetuate such silliness:

Cut the Crud! And get a Library card.

~debunkaslac who sometimes quotes

the WHO,"we Won't get fooled again."



sunflowerkat321 said...

Go get 'em Slac...

floralilia said...

odd - that looks *exactly* like scalziheads desktop....

belfastcowboy75 said...

I like to quote the Who also, as in "I look pretty young but I'm just backdated. Yeeaahhh.

deabvt said...

Home `puter?   Great find, slac!\
Who names their baby, "Anick"? LOL


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