Saturday, December 4, 2004


Saturday, December 04, 2004


Today, i saw two Bishops of Myra.

And a Hawk, and a little black

Labrador puppy named Chloe.

[i know~all puppies are little]


Dogs love me as much as Anything.

Twas ever thus.


In fact, i don't know a single animal

that wouldn't fall in love with me

completely on the first meeting,

unless one counts the many DOGS

that preferred to chew me to pieces.

I've settled my hash with the canine

Race...pups can adore me at their

leisure but i'd rather that other

people Owned the Buddha=less

creatures. Woof, woof. I have my

own pack. Mostly random cats who

move in the werld as i do...


Randomly, secretively & to mysterious

Ends. It's how i move, even among

the lizards. Or birds & squirrels for

that matter...


My sisters [broad=sense, no joke]

have Accrued to me over the past

many days And our joining is

accomplisht; the cyberdancing

mentor of my line=on life has

emerged into the dim winter as a

Japanese butterfly. HAIKU! Write

my teacher Poems on the blossom

of her vacance de breve. There is

no greater Consolation within my

soul than that WE are special agents

of Re=ignition. WE glow & torch

resolutely 2 bright ends. Of this^

Jersey girl & all my readers will

Advise. it's a Mitzvah.


Read this? To what end?

Of cats & dogs & sleeping Angels?

Of relief @ the long end of Season

that bright candles will prevail?


*plus+, most of them have heard

my "music". id est salve*

Tomorro, i make the Turkey=soop

and fill out the Puxxle perfect.

AS a non=bereft grass=hopper^


cneinhorn said...

Glow on Slac, Glow on, the light always prevails...

floralilia said...

what the heck is a myra bishop?

floralilia said...

the dancer is beginning anew.

sunflowerkat321 said...

The glow is so bright here looking into sun=rise!


slacbacmac said...

Sparks Especial!
Re=ignition rejoined allover~
Nicholas was the Bishop of Myra who gave
gold coins to susceptible Virgins...NOW, he's
just anothre guy in a big red suit, with
Lapp=landing reindeer no less.
[come 2 think: i start there^]

floralilia said...

ah! (insert lightbulb over my head)....

i thought the myra bishop was a migrating bird...

hey...wait a minute...

deabvt said...

Myra, Huh?   I didn`t know that!
Woo Hoo, `kulike!!
Really funny entry!!

slacbacmac said...

[double secret: i have to look up the info every
Xmas myself...and i made 3 or 4 mistakes on the
NYT happens.]  ~Author~


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