Friday, December 10, 2004


Reticular Amnesia...

It comes and goes.


These are days of remembrance.

1177 on the deck of the ARIZONA...

Four shots that rang out in NYC at the

Dakota Hotel.

That lamp of oil which refused to fail

in the Temple after Judah defeated the

Assyrians. Humankind is bound up in

the remembering like no other creature.

That's the deal.


Mercy! What a fantastic & terrible

Capacity! With dremes of History,

filosofy & Austere actions...that we

should remember each in our own minds

the pointed events of marvelous Life.

{Man is the only animal who needs both

clox & calendars to track Existence}

It's a miracle we can sleep @ all.

Regard the inkling of eternal Genius

which provides us this double=edged

provision. Affirming Wisdom...

[would that it were other]


The past is prologue.

Thursday, December 09, 2004^

Title: The oil man cometh

Music: same old same old

Mood: cool and misty

Weather: [see above]

News: Astronauts running short

on supplies @ int'l space port...


Be careful with those candles...

just because they're pretty doesn't

mean they aren't an open flame.

And for better lighting, place them

near a mirror; it doubles the wattage.

Better yet~use electric candles instead.

^Your holiday safety tip.


And speaking of Technology...i am now

more confused than ever about what i

might think of purchasing in the long and

far=off future. Should my DVD [david]

Recorder be multi-format with picture

reading capabilities OR just a rip and strip

model with a huge drive=hard? Should i

acquire a mini-DV camcorder with schtill

foto capability OR an equally expensif

name=brand shoot & point with short burst

movie possibilities?? Don't get me started

on what kind of television viewing system

i need there=after! Plasma! i don't know.

Then~there's the question of what kind of

portable music machine i might consider...

Giga? Mega? Voice recorder [like i could

talk 2 myself for hours @ a time]?

Data storage OR capable of sending FM

signals to the green=ghost radio?

Should my scanner, when i get one, be

dedicated or part of a D'Artagnanesque

all4one & one4all octopedigon?!

[alright~i made up that last werd]

Never mind---i've said all i can think on

about those things. Beziers! i believe i've

sublimated my aneurysm.

Friday, December 10, 2004^



judithheartsong said...

good luck!!!!! judi

deabvt said...

Slac, for me, this is my favorite slacentry!
Absolutely beautifully thought & written.

slacbacmac said...

Appreciata>>  a little turkey noodle soop,
a bit of the free association And there you
have it.  ~Author~

cneinhorn said...

The latest technology confuses me so....
Thank you for the sound holiday safety advice..just a little
bit of everything here today slac, most enlightening + entertaining.


floralilia said..., like life - gets complicated exponentially, eh?  i'm still for good ol pencils and paper...


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