Friday, December 24, 2004


Yes, Virginia...reindeer can fly.

They just have to wear soft


December 22, 2004...

And, as you think on it,

Ebenezer Scrooge was not

all that good a miser; he had

nearly no paper money to count,

only coins. Sympathy! The

poor old geezer didn't even have

a credit card. Talk about being

down to the dimes. And he

was a pre=Keynesian banker!


Or maybe, you were tending

your flocks in Judea when the

Angels appeared on high...

[the date & the year are both

uncertain thanks to Felix the

Small...but of meteorology,

we can be sure there wasn't

any snow.] So, anyway,

you're minding your bidness &

your flock---when all of a wink

There's this six=winged spirit

floating ephemeral right abof

you in the sky, booming in an

ethereal Voice to,"Fear Not!"

That's a reality=check for even

the bravest lamb rancher.

If i'd-a-been there, i woulda

run fast & faraway. With

soiled breeches. Excelsis!

* *

Cloud me much, i find it

Fascinating. And i have read

many a good schtory here on

the Inter=Web. Mighta even

schpun a few my=own=self.

Some stories last the long.

And~believe or not, Angels

also still Visit us, when we

need them. gratia deo...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Friday, 24 December, 2004

9:26:25 PM...

Josephine fought the good

fight but succumbed in

natural time on Tuesday

afternoon---surrounded by

her loving family. SHE is

now delivering presents with

the Bishop of Myra.


Our Matriarch, Hane, has not

been feeling well for a few

days either. She was admitted

this morning to our favourite

Hospital in the valley, where

the medical personnel are

treating her quite well. Her

condition is fair to good on

this Christmas Eve.

Fortunately for her, she will

also have more Visitors than

she might require on such

a respite. Altho~in truth,

there aren't many of us

growing younger or less

accustomed to hospitality.

* * *

I mean to say: Thank G

Almighty for the people who

take these works upon them=

selves 24/7 on every day of

the calendar! A Happy and

Beloved Christmas to them

and all the troops in the

field. Angels All~there are

not enough candles to wick

for their Service. Their names

remain in memory while their

abbreviations serve us so

well: EMTs, MDs & RNs

in the ER or the OR...

Doctors, Nurses, Technicians

and Helpers of every kind.

{i keep forgetting to kiss them

on the street as they walk to

their jobs} Angels all^^

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Regardless of troubles and as

the Day finds You--i pray that

you are surrounded by joyful

children on Christmas Day &

That the werld of your werld

is as bright as the one which

found a Deliverer twenty

centuries ago... And that WE

have a Very Merry Christmas

on which small Tim would

say again,"God bless us,



floralilia said...

god bless you too slacsanta -

hope hane is feeling better -

am sending thoughts tonight to you from the hospital meself...

well, someone has to watch over the babies...

and the moms...

merry christmas, even if it is a few hours past...

been busy.

floralilia said...

ooh, and am sorry to hear of grandmom z...

she is an angel among angels now, eh?

slacbacmac said...

The Angels are calling their Own!
It's a confluence of MOTHERS/GrandMothers...
My own Mother has just gone 2 ICU
WE can Pray for all good conditions &
Follow perfect Xamples.
{Santa Loves the Nurses especial~i know}
Merry Christmas to the Werld, known & unknown^
Love & Peace

thelovetrain said...

Still making me travel to get Slac news, I see. Alerts aren't worth a damn where you're concerned...

No lamb ranchers in Tampa else, I'd round one up a soft, fuzzy one to cuddle with on these chilly nights. Reminds me of a farmer/horse potboiler that made the Middleburg news headlines about five years ago.-- He was reportly abusing <~(broad term) his animals and when the sheriff drove out to investigate one day... Well, it never needed the brief elaboration it received if, you know what I mean. In fact, it kind of tells itself. [:P]... [:O]

Grandmother Josephine checked out, I see. Sorry to read, Slac. That one of the disadvantages in living to be a ripe, old fellow. I've already seen more well known's depart from my circle than, I ever thought I would. It certainly requires a bit of perspective adjustment to remain happy. I guess though, I've already personally hacked that angle enough, with you. Not like you need my wisdom either, you still glow.

Children... That would indeed be a cheerful plus if, I had a couple. Though, my youthful years & desires well prevented that for me. Glorious hindsight if, it were only in front of me.

Well, we live, we die and hopefully squeeze some good in between. I suppose that I've done all but the dying part. Sure seems as if I could have done more though. I'll do my best to add to it, still... You do the same.

~Lambless 'B'

karynwiththewhy said...

sorry for your loss, Slac. You have done quite an honor with the glow-y immortalization and readers around the world are lifting prayers on this.

hope Hane is faring well at this writing, I am here on the 27th, the betwixt
week of counterproductivity in most offices.  But somehow always a very
busy week for ALL in the medical profession, you are right to bless them!

IMP me whenever, I am here.


slacbacmac said...

We are Joined>>
And the Love of All of you is~
enuf 4 me.  Tell evybody...
Appreciata!  [i'm in the middle of
a sheet=storm of emotion]
Glory, Pray, peace, Glory...

deabvt said...

Josephine, my prayers to you...and Matriarch, double for you.

sunflowerkat321 said...

My thoughts and prayers are with Josephine...and I hope that this finds Hane feeling better.

A beautiful holiday tribute to all angels on earth...of which, I'm sure, you are one!

musenla said...

I'm always awed by the army of people who give of their time and themselves during the holiday season.  Certainly the most precious gift of all.

As for our soldiers serving overseas, words are not enough to convey gratitude for their sacrifice.  I may not agree with the war but it doesn't lessen the enormity of their sacrifice.  

Sorry to hear about Josephine.  As for Hane, I hope she recovers soon, in time to enjoy the rest of the season.


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