Sunday, December 19, 2004


And they brought him Gifts of

gold, frankincense & myrrh...


The gold, we know, is a tribute

to royalty; it could have been

coins or ingots or simply precious

objects. Also--such items would

provide a financial future for a

tiny baby born in a harsh land

during hard times.


Frankincense & myrrh were also

precious and rare; they had great

medicinal value as distillate

ointments. Any ordinary infant &

mother would have little or no

access to such healing balms...and

perhaps, not a good chance of

surviving their coming years. These

Kings were truly Wise to bring the

salves as well. And such a fortunate



This is the Winter of our discontent.

OR~in the Aspect regarding, these

are the times that try our Souls.


The family is gathered around the

bed=collectif...those who are not

busy being born are busy dying.

Grand=Mother Z is passing out of

our sphere of influence. And such

a full existence to lately visit her

daughters with Orphanage the

bright snow & crystals of departing.

Ninety years of Presence! So bright

and strong a servant Called by

Angels to partake of the Advent

vigil. OH! Faithful one~the path is

clear, the night is joined.


Sunday, December 19, 2004...^

We are appraised and apprised of

the Light which comes into the

World---and Anoint it with our

brief tears. Immanuel.

He calls us to his Heart because

He requires our counsel. His

balm is our Salve=ation.


floralilia said...

quietly the angels come for her and with them comfort - a new star in the heavens is born.

slacbacmac said...

{She is still in Twilight~time is Precious}
Must be some strong Prayers out there...

deabvt said...

Prayers, here`s some of mine!


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