Monday, December 20, 2004


The Wise Men came from the East...

How far East, we don't know.

They were more than likely educated

well in the teachings of Confucious,

Lao Tzu and the path of Buddha.

{i can be corrected, but i believe the

Contemplatif one was still on the path

OR just recently gaining Adherents}

It was quite a long time ago...

Meanwhile, classic Greek wisdom was

taking footholds and Hebrew mystic

knowledge was reaching fulvent

expectation of Deliverance in the

Homeland, then under occupation by

the potent Roman Ascendence.

Into this cultural crescendo, the mild

son of Mary and Joseph was born.

An Infant on the high arc of history

and filosofy. NO Pressure!


Hear all & Say nothing.

Bear all & Do nothing.

Abandon all & Be nothing.


Hane has come out of herself to pray

the TV Rosary. She is brefless.

'Tis the Season. Some of her best

girl=friends are worse off 2 be sure.

It's the praying which may do good.


Monday, December 20, 2004...

Cat & the Engineer were kind enuf

to stop by yesterday and perk us up.

Cat had just sang with the St. Lucia

chorus at the nearby college. She,

and they, do good things out of

natural inclination. Fambly!

Todd is coming to a good middle...

Grandma Z is holding her strength to

a propitious Moment; she is surrounded

by Sons of Courage & their own sons

and daughters, thereafter. Perhaps,

the good angels are finding it hard to

pierce the Crowd---and that Josephine

is resolutely kicking the crud out of

the dark ones. She has that ability.

Plus+, i haven't personally known such

a large family who altogether took no

less than an hour to say Good=by on

a simple day... THAT strength & beauty

is joined @ Xmas, fourfold.

Do i believe in miracles? Of course.

It is the week of such things.

As cold & bitter as today was, tomorro

the Light will extend itself through the

remainder of winter---getting longer,

brighterand more beautiful toward the

rising of Flowers. Planets of confluence,

i believe i see a star in the East!




floralilia said...

wonderful news all around slac.

i too am looking forward to an extra minute of daylight each day - it's too dark too long of the day, eh?

when did we move into the artic circle?  are you messing with the transmorgrifier again?

step away from the controls sir sci-fi slac...

sunflowerkat321 said...

It's heartening to know that the days will be getting longer....even if it's undiscernable.  It's somehow hopeful.  This sun=flower needs her daily dose of light to thrive.

I'm so glad to know that Grandma Z is holding on. I'm sending my most positive thoughts your way.

slacbacmac said...

especial Brightness!  Pray on...
Holiday smooches 2 all my girls who
attend me, Twilight or none>>

cneinhorn said...

Happy Holidays Slac :-)


louf48 said...

“ People, look east. The time is near.
Of the crowning of the year.
Make your house fair as you are able,
Trim the hearth and set the table.
People, look East and sing today:
Love the Guest is on the way.”

louf48 said...

"God entered into our world not with the crushing impact of unbearable glory,
but in the way of weakness,
vulnerability and need.
On a wintry night in an obscure cave,
the infant Jesus was a humble,
helpless God
who allowed us to get close to him.

We all know how difficult it is to receive anything from someone who has all the answers, who is completely cool,
utterly unafraid,
needing nothing and in control of every situation.
We feel unnecessary, unrelated to this paragon.
So God comes as a new-born baby,
giving us a chance to love him,
making us feel
that we have something to give him."

plittle said...

That the three wise men saw the star "in the east" is one of my favourite examples of confusing biblical grammar. It should be understood to mean that the three wise men, who were in the east at the time, saw a star in the sky. Common conjecture has it that the star appeared in the constellation of Pisces, which, in the ancient world, was associated with the Jews, thereby leading them to Jerusalem.

deabvt said...

I love the vulnerableslac. Beautiful!

louf48 said...

If the wise men saw the star in the east, didn't they come from the west?

plittle said...

No, no. Read more carefully. The star was not in the east. The wise men were in the east.

slacbacmac said...

>>>Were the Kings of Orient?
I'll merely allow that the Schtar was
In the Sky...  And the Babe was Swaddled.
Joyeux Noel   ~author~

karynwiththewhy said...

These comments scare me! Or confused me to scaredomnation?

Too much intelligence and discussion. Never take anything too seriously. Always look to the skies and without question know the Lord is there. That is my way of it.

~ Karyn

thelovetrain said...

I think it should be better understood that, exact details don't always matter.

It's not important where the three wise men or the star was. Just that they got there with the goods. Moreover, it's a story that's been around and edited for two millenniums. It may have been one dumb guy, guided by a homing camel. That is, if it ever even happened.

It's a pretty story, get into the flow of it.

~Fantasy 'B'

thelovetrain said...

By the way Slac, my comment wasn't directed at your wonderful scribeness.

... No wut I meen? I nu tha'cha did.

~Who cares, 'B'


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