Wednesday, December 15, 2004


Slacbac & the Night Visitors...


too cold, too dark, too early

Not to run around like elves

and only accomplish the

evanescent things...

Days Impending! Preperatus!

Behold the children. Their own

births were also miraculous.


Hope strides on the impervious

werld~calls our attention to

Poverty & Peace. Fear Not!


Oat=meal cookies & laudenum

How the globe transits.

I will take myself aside and make

thanks of the Grand=mothers'

houses to which we can travel...

over the river & thru the Woods.

Todd is recovering from his latest

operations...Blessings on him in

the season of Healing miracles.

[He arrives more than half by much

from the accident.] It is almost

beyond Prayer 2 believe Good

things will result~yet, Prayer is our

handiest Resource. Amen & Amen^


i remember a Christmas in 1998

when my own Father was passing out

of my influence. Did that sad event

of Life deter me or consternate my

essential Spirit? SHEET, yeh!

He, himself, brought me up from

those depths~made a path of my

soul i can't fully repay. A lesson of

brave passing. And Peace^


The candles of this Age i light thus

earnestly for salvation & rebirth...

OR to the G who guides us through

the passage of troubles. He made

the werld & we but live in it.

Blessings on all, of whatever

circumstance---the Angels are

all around & His kingdom is open

to all his children.



thelovetrain said...

That was nice Slac (the art too).

Sorry to read about your Dad. How quickly it's all over... Both of my parents have also passed and our turn, is merely around the bend. What a life...

Enjoy a Grandmother, an oatmeal cookie and a child.

~Thankful 'B'

karynwiththewhy said...

holeeee sheet that was inpirational!

AS I am baking to celebrate the season (WHY do we cook all kinds of cakes and candies, what is the significance again??) I will think of your words here and wish that I could send your skinny butt some Christmas goodies!!

sunflowerkat321 said...

What beautiful holiday wishes to the world.

slacbacmac said...

it's a fine line between genuine/sappy...
i tread it fine i think
Kayy:  Cooking is Meditation!
Brian:  i knew there was a filosofer in
there somewhere~you are Thus discovered.
Sun=Flower: i wanted 2 make a Menorah,
but i think my candle is just as good^

deabvt said...

Hey, Amahlslac...
That was beautiful. Great Pic Too!...sort of like van Gogh, Huh?

cneinhorn said...

Just beautiful.....the art, the words, may the light shine on  


floralilia said...

quietly reading.

small smiles.


i love the Christmas Carol slacpic.....mahvaloso!


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