Monday, December 13, 2004


Title: Grade me up, Scotty

Mood: receptif

Music: the little band from Texas

Menu: bigA badA turkey chili

Thot: "Small improvements aren't

worth considering; large ones are

incipiently worse."


Monday, 13 December, 2004...

Those hobbitses had a good

week=end on the television.

I watched the Fellowship a coupla

times and it always turned out the

same. Which is to say, the movie

has thusfar been true to the boox of

J.R.R. Tolkien as i remember them.

Frodo lives!


In between all that and while creating

the best dark=meat chili ever, i also

converted my up=dial to the new

AOL 9 point securité. Loading off the

fone obviously took a long time.

[i dislike when my dingdanger is tied

up on the Bell coppers for hours on

end; it upsets my native sense of

frugality.] This action may come to

a good end~in the term short^


Hane is taking it easy in her room.

Which is not unusual. Lizard's other

grandma is slightly worse off after a

spill at her [grandma jo's] house.

We pray that she hasn't cracked her

lovely hip so much that she won't wave

a paddle @ her next party & tell the

visiting assembly to collectively,

"Get a haircut!" It's a bright miracle to

me how the older girls manage to stay

in their home=steads and run the fambly,

in spite of obvious infirmities. OR,

maybe, because i am only a male

character...i deserve to misunderstand

the service i provide to such ancient &

well=formed Angels. Perhaps.


Better i should schtay to the subjects

i understand. They are small, brief and

Memorable as far as i know.

[most filosofers would surrender that^]

The rest or antithesis, i will take under


~the slac/elf=man who serves Beauty~


cneinhorn said...

Hope Gramma will  be A=ok Slac! Sending
positive vibes her way....  smooches :-)  ~jersey

slacbacmac said...

Appreciata, b'ful one>
we should plan 2 live that long all=to,
aside the occasional bone=break...

deabvt said...

ahh, ..."Man who serves beauty"...
Great line for a poem!

floralilia said...

broken hips are not a good thing at any age...


i graded up with the new 9.0 SECURITY, and now all i get is pop-ups. what's up with that?


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