Monday, November 22, 2004


Alert Level 2...

Station Guarding & Fervent

Stand=By. Carry on.

Mumsy must be in Chrysalis

mode. Which means WE will

be Amazed by her next

Transformation. Advise this

page of Butterflies & else^


November 22, 2004...

John Kennedy was a young

President killed by a nervous

psychopath in Dallas many

years ago. And although much

water has passed under that

bridge, the Event is fixed in the

historic memory. And still affects

an aging generation. Just ask

the Chairman of the Judiciary

committee. OR, anyone who

attended the opening of the

Clinton library. I'm pondering

things that happened while most

of my panties were rubberized.

Never mind~we still grieve of that

horrible occurence. PRAY our lives

today force that violence to the back

water of Human Consciousness.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Giving Thanks! As i bounce the many

pages i find that most of my peeps are

planning a moderate or lesser Feast.

That's a good thing! Who really needs

to cook a 30 pound turkey for two dozen

people or less? Altho~i'm not going to

fault the great cooks who do it up right

and get raves from all their invited

guests. G bless 'em! And, when everyone

is collapsed on that communal couch,

loosening their belts, sleepily watching the

Ball=Foot Game...Take a slight moment

to remember our ancestors who escaped

Persecution 2 find a New Werld. OR

the far flung soldiers who have sacrificed

more than a leg or wing to safeguard our

Ability to Celebrate. Their blood has paid

for our Gravy. And we are all still fighting

for the Freedom. Pause in prayer as you

battle with your own elders about how

the left=overs should be Refrigerated.

Tomorrow~they might forget you alltogether,

Or fight resolutely 2 stay in their own home

which they made for you. Better yet,

regard the small faces with shining eyes

who believe after such a filling dinner that

"Santa is Coming, tomorrow!"

{even tho, Xmas is a month away}

Remember that you were just as precocious

a child. Their future is open=wide, like

their pupils. Kiss them fervently.

Take a picture~it lasts the long.

And fortunately, the Camera captures all

the subtlety which i have Described.

Beauty, Truth & Gratitude.

The delicious food is also good.

{Enjoy the Day~there's only 364 others}



sunflowerkat321 said...

Well, we all know I'M not one of those planning Thanksgiving in moderation.  However (as you know) my sister has straightened me out...and the most important part is to have her (and the other sister too) at my side.  You give us much to remember in thanks...and much to remember in prayer.

karynwiththewhy said...

The PilgrimSlac would be so welcome at our table, anytime. I have to add that I am thankful for our little journal-jesting relationship, I do appreciate your comments, your support, your responding to my ranting IM's and your artistic depictions of various dramas in my life (you have done 2, you know).

Love & thanks,
           Karyn  Turkey Breath

slacbacmac said...

Awww~Tweren't Nuffin.
Gratitudinal smooches on evybody!

floralilia said...

"Better yet,

regard the small faces with shining eyes"

you, the luminous slac, as always.

wonderful succulent entry, bf. - enjoy the day!!

the teary, smiling queen.

cneinhorn said...

Thanks for the update Slac...
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours  :-)

hrmore1956 said...

Well said, Slac. I like your blend of wit and reverence. Missed this journal!

deabvt said...

Slac, so slac of you to remember JFK....he seems no longer relevant to the media.

musenla said...

JFK is a personal hero and always will be.  A great man in spite of his flaws.  A small prayer for him, Jackie and John John.  At least they're together now.

caviniproduction said...

omg ...OMG.....I LOVE IT....WHO ARE YOU. HMMMM.....pondering that myself as i sit here...gorgeous stuff you got goin on .....really..
(Pondering Thoughts I and II *)


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