Friday, November 26, 2004


Stand Down from Alert~

The Dancer is busy with

her students...WE'll hear

from her soon enough.

Patience...and Love.


Friday, November 26, 2004

It was a perfect everybody

full yet? No? Well, here, have anothre

slab of pie! [slice, dollop, slice]

It'll take us a coupla days before the

turkey is strippt enough for the annual

boiling of the bones. I'm all about

making the soop, ultimately.

OH! Yeah~gotta send out gratitudinal

regards to all the people who sent me

GivingThanks Greets. A small but

sincere group of regular Friends...

{What more could one Want?}

It's cold outside but warm within the

cockles. And the Television is

topsy=turvy with special programming.

It is enough to baffle the ordinary mind.

[there should be one or two channels

that don't yank out all the musty dusty

HOLIDAY favourites...foreshadowing

Nothing but the arrival of yet another

November day. I could dreme, no?]

Also---the traffic won't be normal

until Monday morning at the soonest.

SO~drive the careful & considerate

for...HECK, why not the remainder of

And 4? Even our carriages are only

heaping bits of metal careening blobs

of hydroplasm from point A to point B.

Slow down already! The Universe

doesn't care if you shaved twenty

minutes off your remaining sixty=odd

years~she is Eternal and Extant.

Like Hane. Here, help me finish off

this Wing with salt & pepper. And

maybe just a smidge of Gravy.

[grip, chew, schlurp, smack]


flip the flip & bounce the bounce...

Lotsa thankful pages out there.

AND, if there is a reincarnation,

i hope to G i don't come back as an

eleven pound domesticated Fowl!

I so hate being pulled apart and

thrown into a pot=stock. Even if

my pecs were flaky, juicy.




hrmore1956 said...

Glad to see everything is running smoothly at the Slac habitat. I also love turkey soup and I don't even like soup all that much. I don't know what makes it so good.

deabvt said...

Woo Hoo!!  Mumsy is OK!!!!

cneinhorn said...

I'm glad Mummsy is okay! Thanks for the update.  Hope you had a nice holiday Slac! :-)

slacbacmac said...

{curb the Enthusiasm>}
Regard the butter=fly, when she herself
appears!  Report all news 2 myself of
the Metamorfosis...
~Author who awaits the Mentor^

viviansullinwank said...

THANKS FOR THE GOOD NEWS Slac!  The Dancer is greatly missed  I'll be glad when she's back on the cyber floor kicking up her heels as only she can!!


thelovetrain said...

Slaaaaac! I left Tampa Wednesday for a Daytona, loving-friends, huge turkey-ostrich holiday (30+ pounds & a BIG chicken too) and didn't get back until Saturday evening. Am I full? 162~>172 pounds within the specified time frame. You be the mathematician. No speeding tickets along the way either.

Glad you had a good one too. Hold my "wing & pie", please.

~Fat 'B'

judithheartsong said...

Hey, my cockles are warm too!!!! judi

musenla said...

Mmmm pie, you can't have too much pie!

Glad to hear the Mumsy is alive and well.  

I've learned the art of slowing down.  I often tell D. as he hurries through the crazy L.A. traffic, what's the rush?  We'll get there, eventually!

cneinhorn said...

pssst Slac, she reappeared.... :-)

slacbacmac said...

tytytyty!  Appreciata for the
Especial advisement


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