Tuesday, November 9, 2004



And they have Howard Keel to serenade them. I hope

Bert had a real nice send-off. I'm sorry i missed it.


Tuesday, 09 November, 2004

Title: Bright Sky, Cold wind...

Mood: Spacey

Music: [wait, i'll pop in a cd]

Movie Quote: "You're suffering from a Brain Cloud."

~Robert Stack, Joe Versus The Volcano


Venice! Prague! The Black Forest! Aside from the

sadness, Maisie did the Europe thing with her husband

and sister. And Harry, of course. Would that such

grand tours lasted a long time instead of being brief.

[i myself spent a month in Hawaii & six weeks in Italy,

but i was just a pimply pissant poet. Ask anybody.]

These and other pictures will have to wait until i sign

a contract with the boys from Rochester. Meanwhile,

Hane's gorgeous sister called and we catched each

other up on all the news, both good and bad. She is

my special Angel. Come to think, our shared news

was 87% to the good. Isn't that as much as one can

expect in the current Epoch? I'll agree with myself

without being rhetorical. And smooch all my aunts &

girl cousins while i'm at it. Twas ever thus^

Yep~the 'putre can sometimes make a good Radio.

Kind of a juke=box/boom=box without all the rifling

thru albums & tapes [both Reel & cassette]. And if

i had a sharp mind, i could Paint while i'm listening.

Things i would never consider while deserted on an

island. {It was John Dunne who said,"No man is an

island." It was Dominique Dunn who screamed,

"What's Happening??!" } Ain't technology cool?

Advise @ length, 'cause i have gaps in my memory

concerning such matters. Love my kids...

i gotta schweep leaves offa the side=walk.

LOOK! The sun is Brilliant! Grab the Rays.

Sweepingly yours, the ineffable Slackster^


sunflowerkat321 said...

All this chat about Europe and Hawaii is giving me the wander=lust!  No matter how long you're there, it's never enough (at least that's been MY experience).  Glad there's so much GOOD news among the family....I hear you smiling.  Love to all....

slacbacmac said...

Agreement, flowerkat...
Sometimes i hear myself smiling[?]
the wandre=lust never goes
[was that a haiku?^]

thelovetrain said...

{Cake City} >>> I already have that grandmother-thing that we discussed, down pat... 'Filosofying'.

I want to go to Hawaii & Italy (I also want a Ferrari Enzo).

Depleted 'B'



uscga1995 said...

Snowflakes...acid rain.
Sunshine...chocolate cake.
Sweaters...thorned bracelets.
Shorts...cotton cream.
Hot chocolate...warm poison.
Iced tea...nectar of gods.
Bush...Bush...Elm Tree.

And then the tide ebbed.

slacbacmac said...

Brian of the Train~i forgot 2 tell you 2 use your
least liked Grandma as an Example...Never Mind,
you'll catch the up.
Brian the Capsizer~you exceed me with the Potery;
when did i Teach you That?  OH, well, always the


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