Wednesday, November 24, 2004


Tuesday, 23 November, 2004

What does the Slack do for the

Turkey Day? He cooks a free

11 & 1/2 pound Bird with Hane

screaming in the background.

We'll just let that slide 4 now.


It's really only Tuesday as i

write this...And me & the green

ghost have had quite the work=out.

The bank, the farmacy & then the

Grocery schtore which was filled

with Amazing people who are much

the doing @ leisure what i accomplisht

in half a hour. Excepting, of gourse,

that i forgot the Apple=sauce.

{Not traditional so much as what Hane

craves} Two bogo Pumpkin Pies,

which the Matriarch of one is baking

right now. Hane has the tendency

to rise to the occasion; which is a

beautiful thing to regard, considering

She takes heart meds & breathes

purified Oxygen! To think of all the

dinosaurs she had to kill in the old

days. On dirt roads paved by

Neanderthals, no less.

[facetious & jocular, that^]


Don't mess with the Tigre, for you'll

be torn 17 strips from Sunday.

Then~i unloaded my tank=sedan on

the kitchen floor and had to make

an accounting of all purchases.

It's a management course as we

travel along. Did i mention that i

forgot the Apple=sauce? I've still

got the bite=marks. MeeRoww!

* *

It was almost dark when i went to

the Laundromat. To warsh my jeans

and two of Hane's heavy laden cotton

robes. You know it's the Holiday

season when you have to purge all

the stains outta the Big White Robes.

{Honestly: i don't believe a person is

crippled if they manage to wear

twelve pounds of day=garments.}

Maybe we just have too many clothes.

Never mind~it was dark late & long

to the night when the green=ghost

brang home the cleanliness.

Now, we just have to figger out how

to de=thaw the turkey bird in time

for Thursday. Me? i gotta werk

tomorro & hold the proverbial fort.

Maybe Gary will bring anothre

cheeseburger...It could be hoped

that i will arise brightly to whatever

occurs. Twas ever Thus!

- - - - - -tuesday^- - - - - - -

TITLE: Process...

MOOD: Misty

MUSIC: [A Night At The Opera/TV]

THOT: "If what you put on salad is

called dressing, and what you put

inside doughnuts is called filling,

what the heck is the schtuff you

cram inside the turkey?"


Wednesday, November 24, 2004

I would brine this bird but i don't

live close enuf to the Ocean.

Nevertheless, i will try to remember

as i warsh poor old Tom to take out

the Vitals which reside [in plastic]

within his eviscerated carcass.

Note 4 other cooks: do not feed

these entrails to your pets! It is

a very bad thing all=togethre.

Dang i do miss Julia Child and the

Frugal Gourmet around this time.

Eviscerated carcass?? What am i?

An English Major? Perchance.

Regardless of that, i stole my pay

check the cool fine drizzle.

And rescued yet anothre Vonnegut

book from the recycling toters.

[a collection of granfalloons i don't

remember reading.] Thereyago.

Any=way, cook the good and heart

filled most excellent meal, y'all.

AND if i am not in a whipped topping

and triptophan coma tomorro

evening---maybe i'll post & bounce

all the especial blessings. Or watch

football in the basement while

listening to Vinyl records...

- - - - -slacsquantomac- - - - -


debbi4873 said...

The first time I cooked the turkey I left the little package of entrails or whatever inside.  I managed to remove it before anyone noticed.  

slacbacmac said...

Today i got the neck last which for some strange
reason is just laid in the cavity.
Lesson:  always bathe your Turkey, and pull out
Anything which isn't schtuffing or Empty Space.

lamove04 said...

You could've fedexed your bird to me and I'd have brined it in the Pacific... oh well, maybe next year, you crazy Slac, you!  :-) Albert

sunflowerkat321 said...

tI seems you have the all makings of a very festive holiday.  I hope it was a happy one for you and all your loved ones!  Thanksgiving smooches....


slabacmac said...

Just because someone doesn't love you the way you want them to, doesn't mean they don't love you with all they have.
Happy Belated Day of Birth Celebration to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

slacbacmac said...

*cryptic* >
but appreciated all=to

hrmore1956 said...

Oooh, and I had to come back to this one. I like the eye-looking creation above. The other one is good too, but the first one is my fave.

deabvt said...

2  [count `em]  2  slacarts!!!!!!!!!

thelovetrain said...

Is that like a psychedelic gobbler with a holiday feaster vortex in the center? Whatever, it's shagadelic baby. Did you lick that damn plate too? It's MAX-vacant.

By the way, I read of her all of the time but, who exactly is applesauce eating, tigre Hane? I imagine her as a close relative yet, I grow weary of imagining. I thought the time was good to ask and save myself from any further brain work on the subject (I also imagine her stout of back and legs hence, extra warm wear).

I did laundry once when I was a mere thirty-two and didn't like it. I can program a computer but, had to study the washer/dryer lid instructions. It just ain't for me and never has been since.


~VJ vinyl'less 'B'

slacbacmac said...

Chemical B:  Hane is the Matriarch of the Fambly,
And could tear us apart like a tiger ON any lack of
Cravings.  a close relative?  Define the terms.
[the rest of it is Turkey induced Psychedelia]

musenla said...

YOu cooked a bird, I'm in awe!  As you know, I've never cooked a whole turkey before, but I just might for Christmas.  What was the applesauce for?  

Vonnegut, I just read Breakfast of Champions.  Hilarious as always.

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!


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