Friday, November 12, 2004



as a far tide...


So i was just mulling over this Elexn

thing which just happened and

decided to glance sidewise at the

Results. Some of the Republican

operatives attempted to point out

that more Americans voted for

this President than any in history.

My first visceral response was,

Genius! There are just plain more

of us now than ever. Geometry!

But i think they were trying to back

up the ephemeral Mandate thing.

With an implied message that more

Americans voted for our candidate

than any other historical figure.

I'm sure they meant to really say that

more Americans voted in the Race

for President overall. [again, because

there were more voters & more people

mathematically speaking.]

Hang with me for a minute while i try

to fashion a corrective/correctable

cursive Analysis...The final numbers

may not bear out my Process but here


In 1984, Ronald Reagan won a landslide

re=election. He carried 49 states in the

general Election and 525 Electoral Votes.

Of the Popular vote, President Reagan

had 54,455,075 ardent supporters.

(That's almost fifty-five Million people

who thought Dutch was their Man~i was

not among that group.) This was an

Historic event to be sure. More=over it's

a nice looking number allto. [Divide 525

into 54455075 for more interest]

As i said, i'll be glad to be corrected by

the actual 2004 numbers...but since

everyone today is playing Poker, i will

just point out that a LANDSLIDE beats a

MANDATE which beats a PLURALITY which

trumps any Election thrown into the Supreme

Court OR into the House of Representatives

or Senate. For more on unusual elections,

simply read an Almanac. {i am such a nerd.}

Proviso: anyone who voted in 2004 can

comment to this Analysis; evybody else should

quit kvetching and Register for the next


Friday, 12 November, 2004


Tomorrow, or shortly there=the=after, i'll be

especially humourous...or something.

~slacbacalmanacmac, the pondiferouscloud

of slacamathematical enigmas on the InterWeb

Thingy^ advise mit smooches^^>>


sunflowerkat321 said...

I think it takes a lot of chutzpa to call this thing a mandate.  There was an awful lot of red in the middle of the country...but it was no slam dunk.  What's a mandate in a country so divided?  The map looked like perhaps we should just sever off the two coasts and SET us as's certainly how many of us feel.

slacbacmac said...

Thanks Kat~agreement>
Read the anagrams [who's about the
text?]  Meanwhile, advise me of our
MENTOR=mumsy/dancer/merelyp that
our Confluent Love Arises in her!
many smooches, much love>>

floralilia said...

hmmm..some people crave big mac's, some people crave oreo's...

not me - i just had a slacattack...

and so i came to see what you were up to.  i am glad you are still pondering for the rest of us.  i too wondered aloud just recently about the turnout figures - seems they forgot to evoke the term einstein -  "it's all relative."   it's simple math, eh?  but the C student spun it differently, once again...

on a more joyous note - today, the children and i danced again in the living room -

it was in surroundsoundhighfi slacadelic style...


karynwiththewhy said...

hmmmm. Put your calculators away. Its a done deal. Concentrate on happy things. It will be exactly what you make of it. Grumble along with the rest, or find the beauty in the days ahead of us.... its your choice.

OK. Anyway that buys that garbage!! See Slac!!

deabvt said...

Oops, Candi Rice will be bowing & scraping from a higher hi-chair!

slacbacmac said...

{deep reply:}  Condoleezza is like my
Especial girl=friend.  But, yeh, the State
Department isn't a schtep up...
[read the slac Advisedly othres>]


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