Thursday, November 11, 2004


11-11-18 End of Hostilities in the

War to End All Wars. Armistice!


There are no atheists in foxholes.

But there are still Princes and

Principalities. Sad to say...


They shall beat their Swords into

Plowshares. And practice the Art

of War no more.


Love & Bless the Veterans; they

have seen the worst of Humankind.

To a person they dislike being called

Heroes. Rather, many say,"Those

are the Heroes which did not return."

And they safeguarded the Freedom

that Pacifists enjoy.


Happiness is a Homeland.

Santayana said,"Those who do not

learn from the past are condemned to

repeat it." And repeat and repeat...

Someone also said,"Love thine enemies

and Pray for those who persecute you."

Only 2 millennia have passed and we

still wonder what exactly that guy was

talking about. History as Mystery

considering they nailed him to a large

piece of lumber.


And what of Lazarus, who came to be

rescued from the grip of Death, only to be

slaughtered around the same time by

the first target assassins? His opinion of

the afterlife is unrecorded. Our loss.


Pardon my austere & despondent reading

of the Holy Day; my Honour and Dignity

accrues to all the fallen Soldiers. From

today until forever. And it is all i can

rain on them until my own passing....

My salty tears of Natural sacrifice.

Eternal Gratitude. [play Taps]


Of blood & late Justice, the headlines

read: Arafat dies

And so, with apologies to the Editors of

many future crosswerd puzzles, i submit

And acquiesce the following anagrams:

1) Sadat Afire

2) A Fear Staid

3) A Strafe Aid

4) I Fade A Star

5) Strife, Daaa...

Readers may submit the remainder, but

remember there are 3 a's in the

axipuntal headline^

Mercy on his widow who should exert

the Peace...


Bibliography: Mother Night by

Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. so it goes...


louf48 said...

Excellent entry!  Congrats on your insight.

plittle said...

I can't find the two thumbs up smiley. Oh ho!

cneinhorn said...

Hi Slac
I read more than I comment here, your words sometimes leave me a bit speechless.....such poignant writing about our fallen soldiers....eternal gratitude indeed.  


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